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EHR for Home-Based Primary Care

House calls are back, and tens of thousands of Americans are receiving improved care as a result. But for traveling physicians, there's a whole new level of complexity, from new rules on documentation to achieving all the government incentives your practice is entitled to.

CGM APRIMA simplifies this process and optimizes your time at a patient’s home. It works the way you want to work with an interface that follows the natural flow of a patient visit. Its unique replication functionality allows users to fully document patient charts, look up or enter data, and perform other everyday tasks all without access to a network or wireless connection. CGM APRIMA is a powerful home health EHR that frees you from common constraints.

We offer a strong EHR solution for providers who go into the community to see patients.

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Chart without Wi-Fi

No internet connection? No problem! CGM APRIMA lets you document patient charts, look up or enter data using your preferred form of entry—including handwriting, voice recognition, point-and-click, and keyboard—and perform other everyday tasks, all without access to a network or wireless connection. Once connectivity is available, the system automatically transmits patient visit data, digital images, orders, results, and more. We call this Replication—allowing real-time charting on a local device in any type of remote facility.

CCM & E&M Coding Headline

Chronic Care Managment tracking and billing is built into our EHR for Home-Based Primary Care to simplify the management of in-house Chronic Care Management. Our smart system suggests codes based on your service site!

Additionally, our EHR also supports and helps calculate all Medical House Call E&M codes to simplify your billing process.

EHR solutions for Home-Based Primary and Palliative Care

No More After-hours Charting

Our Replication technology allows users to fully document patient charts, look up or enter data, and perform other everyday tasks all without access to a network or wireless connection.

Your CGM APRIMA EHR automatically transmits and syncs files when your internet connection is restored.

Mobile App Access

Save time with access to your EHR anytime, anywhere on your Apple or Android device with CGM APRIMA NOW. Review notes, act on lab results, refill or write prescriptions, and much more. Our mobile is included at no charge with your CGM APRIMA EHR service. 

Patient Grouping

Easy creation of patient censuses so you can group patients by service site, geographically, and by provider to manage your visits. 

Realtime Prescription Benefits

Convey the pricing details of patients' prescriptions during the prescription phase, ensuring speed and transparency in their patient journeys. This covers electronic refill requests, automatic retrieval of medical history, and reconciliation and eligibility information.

Clinical Decision Support

Our EHR knows that it's hard to keep track of all the necessary visits to keep patients healthy and on track with their care plans.

Get highly visible reminders that tell you, the provider, when a care gap needs to be addressed such as immunizations, well-visits, depression screening, or fall risks.

Population Health Reporting

In seconds, pull reports on patient health data like, A1C blood pressure levels, hypertension, or diabetes. With this reporting you can understand who your most at risk patients are and make more informed decisions when delivering care.

Dr. Kwon Lee, MD<br>Wound care specialist for nursing homes and home healthcare patients
With CGM APRIMA Replication, I don’t have to worry if I have an Internet connection or not. I visit my nursing home patients daily and never have to worry about having a connection on site. When I am back online, all the work for the day is automatically uploaded and I’m done.

Dr. Kwon Lee, MD
Wound care specialist for nursing homes and home healthcare patients

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