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Leveraging CGM CLINICAL for clinical and billing success

November 10, 2020
Multi-site orthopedic surgery and sports medicine facility relies on CGM CLINICAL

Multi-site orthopedic surgery and sports medicine facility uses CGM CLINICAL as its PM and EHR solution

Client profile

The Medical Practice of Scott Southard, MD is a multi-site orthopedic surgery and sports medicine facility. Located in Lake Tahoe, CA and Gardenville, NV, the practice was established by solo-practitioner Dr. Scott Southard, as a spin-off from a large orthopedic surgery group practice. While part of the group, Dr. Southard became familiar with CompuGroup Medical US. Based on his experience with the company and its solutions, CGM CLINICAL™ became an obvious choice for Dr. Southard’s solo practice.

The practice has an average annual patient volume of 4,400 between both locations and has five highly proficient users on the software solution. 

Finding the right solution

According to practice administrator, Kathy Barela, CGM CLINICAL serves as an efficient solution with a unified practice management and electronic health record platform.

“CGM CLINICAL is a great solution because it lets you have so much information at your fingertips— the steps related to opening and closing an encounter are very efficient. Having the ability to review a patient’s previous history enhances the level of care we deliver while eliminating redundant data entry,” Kathy says.

At a Glance
Scott Southard, MD

Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine

 • Successful Meaningful Use (MU) Stage 1 & 2 attestation
 • Effective financial management using CGM CLINICAL’s robust billing functionality
 • Efficient documentation for successful care coordination

Attaining success with CGM CLINICAL

Achieving regulatory compliance

In a constantly evolving environment, the right healthcare software solution would be the one that has the versatility to adapt to new regulatory requirements.

As Kathy describes it, “CGM CLINICAL is working beautifully for our practice! We continuously progress through regular updates that add value to our clinical and administrative workflow.”

For an orthopedic surgery practice whose frequent individual patient visits require a high level of coordination, capturing a patient’s health information such as medication and treatment history is especially important.

A typical example can be described as follows: a patient comes in for an initial consult for knee pain and an MRI is determined to be necessary. Once the MRI has been completed, the patient returns to review his or her results with the doctor.

In the case where the patient needs a total knee replacement, his or her surgery date is set in addition to a pre-op visit with the doctor. After surgery, subsequent post-op visits at the practice are scheduled. 

In the course of 12 months, the patient typically returns to the practice about 5-6 times.

By leveraging key functionality within CGM CLINICAL such as the patient facesheet, the practice is able to view all previous prescription information as well as the success rate of any previous treatment plans. The practice is able to deliver quality care more efficiently by using this information to determine the best treatment pathway.

The facesheet is designed to facilitate successful Meaningful Use attestation by enabling the practice to enter information related to diagnoses, prescriptions and drug allergies to meet the specific criteria and thresholds established for the reporting period.

To date, the Medical Practice of Scott Southard, MD, has achieved 3 successful attestations and earned the maximum amount of incentive funds available. 

Achieving billing success

The financial health of a solo practice is equally as important as the quality of care provided.

The Medical Practice of Scott Southard, MD, takes full advantage of the comprehensive billing and claims management functionality within CGM CLINICAL. Practice Administrator, Kathy, finds the automated billing dashboard especially helpful. The billing dashboard provides a graphical representation of the progress of the claims management process. Additionally, billing buckets enhance productivity by providing a real-time representation of the value of claims being processed.

Kathy says, “The billing buckets are fantastic—I’ve never seen this functionality in any other EHR solution! Coupled with the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) error buckets, this unique functionality is the heart of keeping tabs on your money!”

Leveraging customization and personalized customer support for success

As a practice administrator, Kathy wears multiple hats to ensure that operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Having to avoid a steep learning curve each time a new need arises is an added bonus. This is why the prompt and highly responsive customer support that CompuGroup Medical US provides, adds value to the investment the practice made in implementing CGM CLINICAL.

Kathy cites the modification of existing templates to suit the specific needs of the orthopedic surgery and sports medicine practice as well as professional Meaningful Use consulting sessions as examples of recent custom needs that the CGM team has assisted the practice with.

“CGM’s Professional Services Team gave me effective and timely assistance with Clinical Quality Measures (CQMs) to facilitate successful Meaningful Use attestation. I couldn’t have done this without them,” Kathy concludes.

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