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CompuGroup Medical introduces QR code for COVID-19 test results

October 28, 2021 | Daniel Doll

New QR code for COVID-19 test results helps verify proof of negative test results

Patients can present verifiable COVID-19 test results in response to new testing mandates thanks to a lab management software feature introduced by CompuGroup Medical.

To ensure public health and safety at large gatherings and in-door, in-person activities, many organizations are implementing policies that require individuals to show proof of a recent, negative COVID-19 test.

The requirements are popping up among businesses, employers, concert and sporting venues, airports, cruise lines, restaurants, and others. Governors in New York, California, and elsewhere have recently announced similar mandates for school employees. As more people have been required to show proof of recent and frequent test results, clinical laboratories voiced a need for a verifiable process that could ensure the authenticity of the results people present.

Derek Pickell, CEO, CompuGroup Medical US
Through our software and services, CompuGroup Medical has been a leader around the world and across the US in the fight against COVID-19.

Derek Pickell, CEO, CompuGroup Medical US

Now, clinical laboratories using the CGM LABDAQ or CGM SCHUYLAB laboratory information system can meet this need by providing patients with an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly tool that proves the legitimacy of their results.

“There have been issues with paper reports being manipulated to show fraudulent results,” said Carl Smith, General Manager of the lab division at CompuGroup Medical. “A QR code with a link to the original report ensures the result is legitimate.”

The new QR code for COVID-19 test results is the latest tool in the nation’s toolbox for fighting the global pandemic. Last year, CompuGroup Medical also streamlined the data reporting process for COVID-testing laboratories by establishing direct interfaces to state health departments for labs throughout the US.

“Through our software and services, CompuGroup Medical has been a leader around the world and across the US in the fight against COVID-19,” said Chief Executive Officer Derek Pickell, CompuGroup Medical US. “Our telehealth and remote patient monitoring solutions have changed the nature, safety, and immediacy of patient care, and this new QR code feature helps our laboratories deliver real-time access to results while ensuring the highest degree of patient safety. We have also helped labs bill effectively for the services they render as their volumes have increased due to COVID-19 testing.”

For more information about the new QR code reporting option, lab managers should reach out to CompuGroup Medical.

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