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QR Code Feature

  • Generates a unique QR code on result reports
  • Builds a verifiable, mobile-friendly link between a patient and your lab's web portal
  • Protects patient health information by displaying only the specified test results
  • Delivers authentic, verifiable COVID-19 test results
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CGM LABDAQ Result Report

Patients receive their QR code with their lab results, or they can access it digitally through the lab's patient portal.

QR Code

Patients show their QR code, so their test results can be verified directly with the testing laboratory.

Sam Kabbani, Consultant & Lab Owner
Our thanks to CGM, because our implementation was quick and easy. Our clients are happy and have found the QR codes very easy to use.

Sam Kabbani, Consultant & Lab Owner

Benefits of the new QR code feature

Verifiable Authenticity

Following reports of arrests and heavy fines for individuals attempting to pass fraudulent COVID-19 testing documentation, a QR code with a link to the testing lab's own web portal provides a reliable source during the verification process.

Ease of Use

A mobile-friendly QR code is universally recognized and easy to use. Simply scan the symbol with the camera app on any smartphone and tap the option on the touchscreen to view the individual's applicable test results.

Patient Privacy

Laboratories can protect patient information by displaying only the desired test results on the QR code report. If a person had other tests done, these results can be kept separate by following a simple workflow in either CGM LABDAQ or CGM SCHUYLAB.

Offer verifiable COVID-19 test results with a mobile-friendly QR code

To ensure public health and safety at large gatherings and in-door, in-person activities, many organizations have required individuals and employees to show proof of a recent negative COVID-19 test result.

Whenever testing results need to be verified, a QR code with a secure link back to your web portal is the best option. For labs with CGM LABDAQ*, that refers to the CGM LABNEXUS Laboratory Outreach Solution. For those using CGM SCHUYLAB, it's CGM SCHUYNET.

Publish a mobile-friendly QR code on your result report, and meet the needs of state and federal mandates, venues, employers, airports, cruise lines, and more.

Protect patient information by linking only the desired results to the QR code report. Generate a special report in CGM SCHUYLAB or a split group in CGM LABDAQ for any other testing that was included on the order.

*This new software option is not available in LabDAQ version 4.
Contact your Account Manager to transition to the newest version of CGM LABDAQ.

Sam Kabbani, Consultant & Lab Owner
A quick scan of the QR code allows airport personnel to verify a passenger’s COVID status. The QR code takes the user to the original online report, verifying the authenticity of results and eliminating the use of paper reports that can be forged.

Sam Kabbani, Consultant & Lab Owner

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