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Streamlining operations through patient engagement software

May 28, 2020

Manage your customer communication automatically. CGM CONNECTION is a state-of-the-art text, email, and phone communication tool.

Doctor with a phone using CGM CONNECTION

Research has found that a patients’ engagement in their treatment can drive results and improve overall health outcomes. This involves encouraging patients to first understand their health conditions and then work with your staff to manage those conditions. It is shown that patients who are involved in their healthcare decision making get better results and tend to be healthier than others.

The technical sophistication of engagement tools can result in more engagement from patients and help deliver better results by streamlining medical practices. As the world becomes increasingly digital, the healthcare industry has adopted tools that are patient-centric and create practices that deliver personalized care to the patients. The tools help in minimizing the cost of the healthcare industry by introducing interactive features that engage patients in their appointments, medication, education, and other activities which subsequently optimizes the process and also reduces the dependency on the staff. The patient engagement tools are helping healthcare institutes and clinics in streamlined their processes in the following ways:

Managing patient appointments through patient engagement tools

Appointments are a crucial first step in engaging patients in their care. A missed appointment is a lost opportunity for the patient and your practice. Engagement tools help by reminding patients about their upcoming appointments through calls, text messages, and emails based on their specific communication preferences. It concentrates on getting responses from the patient thereby reducing the no-show rate and saving your staff the cost and effort of manual appointment confirmations. Automated appointment confirmation tools can help your staff focus on getting your patients healthier and ensuring they do not miss out on their appointments and follow-ups.

Improving medical portals streamlines patient engagement

Effective communication between healthcare professionals and patients is imperative for understanding the patients’ concerns and working toward a resolution. Patient portals give patients access to track their appointments, medications, and overall health score but it is shown that more than 50% of the patients do not use them. This creates a communication gap which can lead to miscommunication. Engagement tools provide collaborative and comprehensive platforms to engage and educate your patients. The platforms are interactive and user friendly which can be used by patients in any age group to get a personalized experience of healthcare services. Patients can share their medical data digitally with the doctors using the platform and are not bothered by keeping records of multiple forms and test reports. The tools are effective in building a personal relationship between patients and providers and ensures that patients will come back for healthcare services.

Relationship management helps engage patients

Engagement tools work on enhancing the overall experience of the patients and improve the quality of patient relationships thereby solving the operational challenges of the staff. Patients want preference and care at every step of their treatment from scheduling appointments to filling out the survey forms. Engagement tools can reduce the workload of the staff by assisting the patients by managing their upcoming appointments, sending reminders, rescheduling missed appointments, and carrying out surveys. Other operational tasks like managing the cancellations and filling the gaps, updating the appointments in calendars, managing the waitlist, and broadcasting emails and messages to multiple patients are easily handled by the tools.

The purpose of automation is to ensure every patient is being given attention and he/ she should be at ease to communicate with the clinic staff. It can reduce staff interference and errors in handling sensitive patients.

Engaging patient-centered programs

Patient care is not only restricted to the clinic but goes beyond that. Managing the health of the patient during the post-discharge period is also important and more engagement is needed to promote health at this stage. With the help of the tools, reminders can be sent to the patients to take medication and follow the prescribed routine. Health notes and articles can also be shared with the patients for engagement.

Optimizing medical practices is important to take the utmost care of the patients and deliver them with world-class service. With the help of the technology, it is easier to manage the records of every patient and engage them in their journey to being healthy.

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