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We design EHR software for primary care practitioners

For primary care practitioners, having an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system that seamlessly addresses the myriad health concerns presented by patients during each visit is paramount. Our primary care EHR is tailored to meet this exact need, providing a comprehensive solution for efficient and patient-centric care.

Additionally, avoid provider burnout through automation. At CGM APRIMA, our goal is to reduce the number of steps it takes you to get your work done. Our EHR stands out for its user-friendly interface, robust capabilities, and adaptability to the evolving demands of primary care. Document the way you want.

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Primary care practice finds a complete EHR solution

Several years ago, the Avenel Iselin Medical Group (AIMG), which had served as a primary care group in New Jersey since 1956, decided to expand its medical services. AIMG incorporated several specialty physicians into its practice, along with diagnostic services, to offer patients comprehensive medical care under one roof.

AIMG's Marc Mayer, DO and managing partner, knew that the practice would need to leverage electronic medical records and electronic prescribing in order to maintain a high level of medical service as the practice grew. He headed up a search committee within the practice and they ultimately selected the CGM APRIMA EHR and Practice Management solution. 

Features & benefits for primary care EHR solutions

Clinical Decision Support

Recognizing the challenge of managing crucial patient visits for maintaining health and adherence to care plans, our EHR offers prominent reminders. Receive highly visible notifications as a provider when there's a need to address care gaps, including annual wellness visits, mammograms, flu shots, and more.

Common Problem Templates

Engage with all facets of documentation, from vaccine administration to well-visits to problem-focused encounters in a single touch.

Patient Engagement

Integrating with your appointments and demographics, CGM APRIMA can deliver appointment reminders and mass messaging, so you stay connected with your patients and drive down no-show rates. Help them keep their appointments and add a powerful marketing tool to your practice.

Elevated Code Searching

Providers can effortlessly search for any code, emphasizing ICD-10 through our integration with Intelligent Medical Objects, and quickly refine their search based on specificity.

Population Health Reporting

Within your practice, you may encounter patients dealing with chronic conditions like hypertension, chronic heart failure, depression, diabetes, cognitive issues, etc. Our reporting improves your capacity to retrieve additional parameters such as HbA1c or the patient's last visit date, assisting in the prevention of care gaps.

In seconds, generate reports on patient health data to understand who your most at-risk patients are.

More Efficient ePrescribing

Transmit the costs associated with patients' prescriptions during the prescribing process, providing speed and transparency in their patient journeys. This includes electronic refill requests, automatic retrieval of medical history, and reconciliation and eligibility information.

Marc Mayer, DO <br>Avenel-Iselin Medical Group
We’ve grown so much in the past several years. If we weren’t using CGM APRIMA, this growth would have been much less efficient and far more challenging for us. With CGM APRIMA, I’m done with the patient note before the patient gets to checkout.

Marc Mayer, DO 
Avenel-Iselin Medical Group

Easy, quality reporting for primary care practitioners

Our primary care EHR includes a real-time MIPS dashboard so primary care practices can track their progress on the fly. Our MIPS dashboard provides drill-down capability into individual medical records for total clarity into your family practice or internal medicine organization’s numerators and denominators.

Our EHR's reporting capability provides the tools primary care practices need to successfully attest to their MIPS or APM participation.

primary doctor with patients
CGM APRIMA for Primary care EHR

Ultimate interoperability

Primary care providers need their EHR interoperability tools to connect with data in the way that allows them to connect with patients. Our EHR provides a point-to-point interface, integration with a Health Information Exchange (HIE), direct messaging, and the ability to participate in Surescripts, CommonWell, and other national network partner programs.

Primary care practices are modernizing their processes, moving to streamlined digital workflows that handle incoming and outgoing faxes. Our EHR helps practices centralize all fax workflows into a single integrated solution that’s efficient and interoperable. You can route, process, and file inbound faxes to patient charts and directly send outbound faxes from the EHR.

Primary care practice finds a complete EHR solution

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