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Internal medicine EHR

Internal medicine physicians require an efficient and flexible EHR solution to enhance patient care and outcomes. With a comprehensive and customizable platform like CGM APRIMA, internists can efficiently address a wide range of patient concerns during visits. This HIPAA-compliant EHR, used by thousands of internal medicine specialists nationwide, supports rapid documentation at the point of care while ensuring seamless coding for reimbursement. CGM APRIMA is tailored to meet the specific workflows of internists, setting them up for success in improving patient outcomes.

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Internal Medicine group expectations exceeded by CGM APRIMA EHR

The first time that Associates in Medicine (AIM) attempted to convert to electronic medical records, in 2005, they were unsuccessful. Plagued by poor training and unfulfilled expectations, the project was abandoned. With their second attempt at EHR, they chose CGM APRIMA. With a lot more preparation and research, the practice is having a much smoother transition than with their first attempt. In the months since implementing, AIM has experienced an increase in their E&M allowable by as much as 30% per a visit, which is projected to add up to an additional $40,000-60,000 per a provider simply by more accurately billing their E&M codes using the CGM APRIMA E&M coder.

The difference lies in CGM APRIMA Electronic Health Records (EHR), especially its E&M coding support, along with the groundwork laid in preparation for this implementation.

Features and benefits of our Internal Medicine EHR solution

Clinical Decision Support

Recognizing the challenge of managing essential patient visits for maintaining their health and care plans, our EHR provides prominent reminders for providers. Receive clear notifications indicating when care gaps, such as annual wellness visits, mammograms, flu shots, etc., need to be addressed.

Don't chart from scratch

Utilize our custom problem templates to engage with all facets of documentation, from vaccine administration to well-visits to problem-focused encounters in a single touch. 

Patient engagement

Integrating with your appointments and demographics, CGM APRIMA can deliver appointment reminders and mass messaging, so you stay connected with your patients and drive down no-show rates. Help them keep their appointments and add a powerful marketing tool to your practice.

Elevated code searching

The emphasis on ICD-10 ensures that our integration with Intelligent Medical Objects makes the process of searching for any code easy for providers, with the added benefit of quick narrowing by specificity.

Population Health Reporting

In your practice, you might handle patients with chronic conditions such as hypertension, chronic heart failure, depression, diabetes, cognitive issues, etc. Our reporting enhances your ability to access additional parameters like HbA1c or the patient's last visit date, helping you avoid gaps in care.

More efficient ePrescribing

Share the expense information for patients' prescriptions while prescribing, delivering speed and transparency for their transitions in patient journeys. This includes electronic refill requests, automatic medical history retrieval, and reconciliation and eligibility details.

Easy quality reporting for internists

Position your internal medicine practice for success by adopting an EHR that facilitates swift reporting on Meaningful Use requirements. The standard and inclusive reporting features are tailored to the needs of internal medicine care practices, ensuring successful attestation for MIPS and Primary Care First participation. Benefit from a real-time MIPS dashboard that allows internal medicine practices to monitor progress anytime, providing providers with the ability to delve into individual patient records for a comprehensive understanding of each measure.

internist using CGM APRIMA
internal medicine doctor using telehealth

Telehealth for internal medicine

Telehealth is here to stay. With Patient Connect for CGM APRIMA, providers can remotely review patient lab results, monitor patients, check in on care plans, make needed adjustments, and more.

A doctor engaging in a telehealth call

How can an internal medicine practice leverage telehealth?

Internal medicine group expectations exceeded by CGM APRIMA EHR

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