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Endocrinology EHR

Endocrinologists need an EHR that will suit their specific needs within their practice’s operations. Endocrinologists need to be able to quickly see test results, layer BMI into a patient's blood work, put in events such as prescription or exercise changes. An efficient and flexible solution is required for providers to work towards improving patient outcomes with long-term care. 

The perfect endocrinology EHR will include predictive technology to help providers complete tasks and ensure patients get the best care possible.

CGM APRIMA is exactly what endocrinologists need to support their mission of improving their patient’s quality of life and outcomes.

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Features and benefits of our endocrinology EHR solution

Flexible Charting

Choose from a comprehensive endocrinologist-specific vocabulary, swiftly document follow-up visits in under a minute, and effortlessly create patient notes using your preferred method: keyboard and mouse, dictation, scribe, voice recognition, or shared documentation. Moreover, utilize voice-to-text directly into structured notes fields to earn E&M and Meaningful Use credit. Craft patient-oriented visit summaries with non-medical terminology for improved patient understanding.

HIE Integration

Integration with a Health Information Exchange (HIE), direct messaging, or with participation in our national network partners’ programs such as Carequality and CommonWell. Our EHR solution provides access to your patients’ most up-to-date information—their lab results and other relevant health information—regardless of where they were treated. Providers have relevant health information needed to treat conditions.

Patient Engagement

Integrating with your appointments and demographics, CGM APRIMA can deliver appointment reminders and mass messaging, so you stay connected with your patients and drive down no-show rates. Help them keep their appointments and add a powerful marketing tool to your practice.

Elevated Code Searching

Our providers find it effortless to search for any code with a focus on ICD-10, thanks to our integration with Intelligent Medical Objects, allowing them to swiftly narrow down results by specificity.

Population Health Reporting

Retrieve reports on patient health data, such as A1C levels, blood pressure, hypertension, or diabetes, in a matter of seconds. Utilize these reports to identify your most at-risk patients and enhance the precision of your decision-making when providing care.

More Efficient ePrescribing

Transmit the cost of prescribed medications to your patients during the prescription process, providing them with speed and transparency as they progress through their patient journeys. This involves electronic refill requests, automatic retrieval of medical history, and reconciliation and eligibility information.

Easy, quality reporting for endocrinologists

Position your endocrinology practice for success by adopting an EHR equipped with a real-time MIPS dashboard. Monitor your progress in quality reporting in real time, with the capability to delve into individual patient records for a comprehensive understanding of each measure. The standard and inclusive reporting features cater to the specific needs of endocrinology care practices, facilitating successful attestation for both MIPS and Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program (MDPP) participation.

doctor seeing patient
female doctor using CGM APRIMA

Interoperability for endocrinologists

CGM APRIMA gives endocrinologists the EHR interoperability tools they need to connect with patient data in the way that works best for them and with those they need to connect with. Gain access to patient lab data, as well as any other relevant health information with a point-to-point interface, integration with a Health Information Exchange (HIE), direct messaging, or with participation in our national network partners’ programs such as Carequality and CommonWell. 


CGM APRIMA is connected to FHIR, allowing our providers to integrate to hundreds of third-party add-ons, while ensuring data safety.

Healthcare organizations are working hard to move from paper-based, manual processes to streamlined digital workflows to handle faxes. CGM APRIMA users can centralize all fax workflows into a single solution, integrated into our EHR for optimal efficiency and interoperability. Inbound fax workflows can be routed, processed and filed to the patient chart. Outbound faxes can be sent directly from the EHR.

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