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Intrado communication connects practices to patients

Intrado, formerly known as West Corporation, is an innovative, cloud-based, global technology partner to clients around the world.

Intrado's automated solutions help healthcare organizations effectively activate and engage patients and members beyond the clinical setting and at key points across the care continuum. By providing innovative, technology-enabled communications, Intrado helps you connect with healthcare consumers in meaningful and relevant ways.

Increase engagement, build relationships, improve care quality, and drive revenue by optimizing the patient experience.

Compatible products

Intrado integrates with the following product lines by CompuGroup Medical:

  • CGM eMDs
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Engage and activate patients with Intrado

Interactive response options

Utilize two-way interactions to give patients the ability to respond to confirm appointments, pay outstanding balances, speak with staff members and more.

Unlimited notification capacity

Communicate time-sensitive messages to large patient populations within minutes. Users can adjust the rate of notification delivery as needed, allowing teams to successfully manage incoming responses.

Detailed reporting

Gain full visibility into patient-specific and campaign-level notification results, providing data to help staff update patient records, fill open appointment times and more.

Design a custom patient engagement strategy with multichannel communications

✔ Improve patient experience

This comprehensive communication strategy is designed to maximize convenience and service for patients, ultimately contributing to an improved perception of overall experience with your organization.

✔ Capture patient response

Your staff can fill potential holes in the schedule with last-minute and wait-list patients. Increasing appointment availability is a key contributor to high patient satisfaction scores.

✔ Reduce communication costs

The touchpoints in this outreach strategy allow organizations to move away from producing and delivering expensive mailers or utilizing call centers for only a fraction of the cost.

✔ Minimize patient no-shows

Organizations that adopt a cadenced multi-touch reminder strategy see immediate and sustained declines in patient no-show rates.

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