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Advanced, card-on-file processing made simple by Easy Pay Solutions

Fully integrated with the CGM APRIMA EHR and Practice Management system, Easy Pay Solutions is a robust patient balance reduction solution that is also available as a stand-alone, virtual terminal.

Easy Pay's unique approach to eliminating past due accounts and preventing future delinquencies has revitalized profitability for thousands of practices nationwide.

Using advanced, card-on-file and automated payment plans within its full-featured, credit card processing application, a patient-friendly approach enables practices to move from “past due” to “paid.”

With Easy Pay Solutions, you'll keep patients and practices happy and healthy.

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Benefits of using Easy Pay Solutions

Eliminate Past Due Patient Payments

For every patient that places a card-on-file with your office (debit or credit) you eliminate past due payments. When you have a credit card and the consent to use it for outstanding balances, you can simply access that information and run the transaction. Balance Paid.

Eliminate the Time and Cost of Collections

For every patient that places a card-on-file, getting paid is simple. Just run the transaction and send a paid statement. No sending of multiple statements, reminders, phone calls, dunning notices, etc. Why chase money after the patient has been treated when you can secure it before they see the doctor?

Eliminate Write Offs and Third Party Collections

When in-house collection efforts fail, your practice will typically never see more than a fraction of the outstanding balance. In many cases, no more than 15% when all costs are calculated and everything is said and done. With card-on-file, only in the most extreme cases should you ever need to write off a balance. You have a way to be paid.

Eliminate Check Handling

This may seem to be a minor issue. You’ve most likely been handling checks for the life of your practice. But think about it. What are the costs? You (or a third party) have to send the statement with the associated postal, paper, and man-hour costs. Then receive the payment in check form (hoping the patient pays on time), with the associated handling, posting, and deposit time (hoping that it doesn’t bounce). Card-on-file eliminates all this time and cost.

Speed Cash Flow

For every patient who places a card-on-file, you get paid at EOB. This is typically 30 days before the typical patient gets around to paying the bill. And in many cases 60-120 days before. How do you get paid at EOB? Easy, you have the payment method in hand with the card-on-file. All you need do is access the information with Easy Pay and run the transaction. You are paid!

Take Control of when You Get Paid

When a patient places a card-on-file, a practice has their consent to use that card to process payments for any charge necessary. The fact is, with a card-on-file, the practice takes control of when they get paid. This powerful truth could be the most important benefit of card-on-file. Having control of getting paid is the game changer for practices who implement card-on-file.