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Enjoy rich patient engagement with AutoRemind

AutoRemind is a healthcare communication service that will help you engage with your patients and make your practice more efficient. Send a variety of messages and reminders, create new appointments, manage your online reputation, stay top of mind with your patients, and so much more.

AutoRemind has messages categorized in Reminders, Marketing and Communication. You can send email, text and phone calls to your patients with a range of content that will help create more revenue, reduce cost and simply make your practice more efficient.

Do a webinar to learn more and do a free trial, so you can try before you buy.

Compatible products

AutoRemind integrates with the following product lines by CompuGroup Medical:

  • CGM eMDs
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Benefits of using AutoRemind for patient communication

Appointment reminders

Reduce no-shows and ensure you collect the revenue you've already scheduled. Alert your patients on any given day's schedule of an office closure or immediate notice. Maximize patient satisfaction by collecting valuable input through customized surveys. Automate messages with follow up care and instructions after the patient has had their appointment. Remind patients that they have a balance due or overdue payment.

Practice marketing

Inform and target your patients about a special offer by appointment type or how often they have visited. Recover lost revenue by messaging your patients that have missed an appointment to reschedule another. Protect your online reputation. Filter good and bad reviews posted to Google, Facebook and more. Increase patient retention by setting up automated recall campaigns. Notify them of annual check-ups, exams, etc. 


Patient communication

Create personal or unique greetings to stay connected with your patients. Let patients know you are thinking of them during any holiday. Notify all or target groups of patients to keep them up to date with your practice. Stay in dialogue and improve communication by texting your patients individually in real-time. 

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