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HIPAA compliance and education

Abyde offers a revolutionary HIPAA compliance solution and educational resources to medical practices. The Abyde software solution is the easiest way for any sized medical practice to implement and sustain comprehensive HIPAA compliance programs.

Abyde's revolutionary approach guides providers through mandatory HIPAA compliance requirements such as the Security Risk Analysis, HIPAA training for doctors and staff, Business Associate Agreement portal, customized policy documentation, and more!

Compatible products

Abyde integrates with the following product lines by CompuGroup Medical:

  • CGM eMDs
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Benefits of using Abyde for HIPAA compliance

Automated risk analysis

Savings of 80+ hours a year on HIPAA compliance compared to manual risk assessments. Streamlined software that is easy to use from day one. Guided ongoing compliance through simple, industry-leading notification system.

Audit protection program

Dedicated audit specialist to walk you through audit response, providing correct documentation and passing with flying colors. Continuously updated risk assessments showing ongoing compliance to comply easily with audit requirements.


Dynamically generated policies

Unique to Abyde, policies are dynamically generated based directly on your practice’s specific situation, office set up, and workflows. As you update or change your processes, a few simple steps in the Abyde software will update your policies automatically.

Live, anytime support

Contact our HIPAA experts for support and guidance whenever you need it—no forms or waiting, just a live person to answer your essential HIPAA questions.

Education-based features

Receive recommendations specific to your practice to not only complete your HIPAA risk assessment, but improve your practice's risk readiness. Industry-leading, continuing education modules for ongoing staff and compliance officer training.

Business associate portal

An essential part of HIPAA, you can easily manage sending, signing and receiving all Business Associate Agreements directly within the Abyde software. Get notifications when BAA's are about to expire and automatically resend for up to date copies as needed.