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What is revenue cycle management or RCM services?

Revenue cycle management, or RCM, is the process through which a healthcare practice manages its billing requirements, a patient's insurance qualifications, and the status of claims and denials from insurance companies and government entities such as Medicare and Medicaid.

The ever-changing landscape of regulations and medical coding makes revenue cycle management a daunting task for practices of any size. CompuGroup Medical simplifies this process with a renowned clearinghouse and a fully transparent reimbursement solution, eMEDIX, which has been designed to maximize reimbursements and minimize denials.

eMEDIX allows providers to handle claims, electronic remittance advice, electronic patient statements, and eligibility.

For practices that would prefer a hands-free approach, there is ARIA Revenue Cycle Management. This end-to-end revenue cycle management solution ensures that your clinical, financial, and operational processes are streamlined for optimal profitability and performance.

Practices served

CompuGroup Medical offers reimbursement solutions for doctors, hospitals, physician office laboratories, community health centers and more.

Reimbursements for schools

With ARIA School Billing, CompuGroup Medical leverages its in-house experts to collect an average of $5,500 per student per year in reimbursements for Medicare-eligible, special-needs services. Additionally, schools can save time and money by using the cloud-based EMR (electronic medical record) solution for schools: CGM MediEd.

ARIA RCM Services Assessments for Labs

Maximize lab reimbursements with RCM services

Clients increase profitability with eMEDIX Reimbursement Solutions

Claims processing and RCM made easy with eMEDIX

Clients increase profitability with eMEDIX Reimbursement Solutions

RCM software by eMEDIX delivers better claims process

eMEDIX achieves CAQH CORE Phase I Certification for seamless, secure healthcare administrative data exchange