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Update to CGM SCHUYLAB ver. 3.4

Scroll down for a high-level overview of the enhancements introduced in the latest version of CGM SCHUYLAB.

Existing CGM SCHUYLAB clients should contact Technical Support to schedule the update.

What's in latest version of CGM SCHUYLAB?

Introduced in June 2022, CGM SCHUYLAB version 3.4 features several enhancements and additions for existing CGM SCHUYLAB users, including:

  • Language Display

    CGM SCHUYLAB users can now customize their screens to their language of choice. Staff shortages are increasing and the ability to hire staff to work in their native language will increase hiring options. Also, because CGM SCHUYLAB is found at many international sites, being able to offer different language options onscreen opens new areas for both US laboratories and laboratories in other countries.
    • All left-to-right languages are currently supported
    • Languages with other text, e.g. Russian, Greek, Japanese, and Chinese, are available
    • Spanish has been reviewed by native speakers, and other languages are machine translations which can be modified as needed
    • The new Language Display feature should not be confused with the CGM SCHUYLAB Multi-Language feature. Our Multi-Language feature has been available for several years and allows labs to print reports in a client’s native language. This is sold separately.
  • Notifications via Email

    CGM SCHUYLAB can now send a message directly to an individual via email.  Using the Email Module, patients can now be notified to set up their patient portal in CGM SCHUYNET, that a test result is ready to view, and that all of the tests on an order are complete and ready to view
    • There are default messages that can be customized for the lab’s facility name and the patient’s name
  • Audit Log

    Market preference is pushing software towards a pay-as-you-go model. This allows software to be sold at a lower initial cost, while increasing the fees of the software in response to increased use. CGM SCHUYLAB has implemented mechanisms for automatically making these charges but has also added the Audit function.
    • CGM SCHUYLAB has implemented mechanisms for labs to monitor charges that are accumulating
    • The Audit Log monitors the usage of:
      • Patient Portal
      • HIS
      • Public Health Transmission
      • QR Validation
      • QR Report
  • New Graphics Abilities

    CGM SCHUYLAB has new capabilities in report design: color, boxes, lines, and borders may all be added to make a lab’s reports more impressive.
    • The new graphics are available in any scenario where a “new graphics box” is seen, e.g. patient reports and some of the logs
    • A lab may select any or all of the following options:
      • A background color for the entire report
      • The shape of a border of the line that is being defined
      • The point size of the border
      • The color of the border
      • The banding color for the banding in the body of a report

Read the full General Availability announcement from the desk of General Manager Carl Smith.

Next steps


Our in-house support team has already begun contacting labs to roll out the update to version 3.4. To proactively schedule your lab's update, contact Technical Support today.