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Update to CGM SCHUYLAB ver. 4.0

Scroll down for a high-level overview of the enhancements introduced in the latest version of CGM SCHUYLAB.

Existing CGM SCHUYLAB clients should contact Technical Support to schedule the update.

What's in latest version of CGM SCHUYLAB?

Introduced in July 2023, CGM SCHUYLAB version 4.0 features several enhancements and additions for existing CGM SCHUYLAB users.

CGM SCHUYLAB 4.0 has a new look but retains the same functionality that the customer has now, plus more. The expanded screen size allows more space for patient names and allows the client to see more icons on the screen at a glance. The Devices screen will give more information when results are transmitted from the instruments.

CGM SCHUYLAB 4.0 makes available to our customers a CGM SCHUYLAB Host server model that eliminates the need for VPNs at satellite facilities.  This will allow client workstations to connect to the CGM SCHUYLAB host server via a local IP address.

There are two new modules to provide our customers with more versatility to improve communications and to manage inventory.

  • Notifications via SMS Texting Messaging
    • CGM SCHUYLAB can now send a message directly to an individual via SMS Text messaging.  Using the SMS Text Module, patients can now be notified to set up their patient portal in SCHUYNET, that a test result is ready to view, and that all the tests on an order are complete and ready to view.
    • There are default messages that can be customized for the lab’s facility name and the patient’s name.
    • Multi Factor Authentication will be employed to ensure security.  Email is also necessary for Multi Factor Authentication.
    • The Email module must be purchased as well as the SMS Texting Module.
  • Inventory
    • CGM SCHUYLAB users will now be able to track reagent and supply usage using the new Inventory Module.
    • Labs will be able to define suppliers, quantities, storage temperature, and location for all of its supplies.
    • The Inventory Module automates the ordering, receipt, and usage of material goods that arrive in the lab.

Read the full General Availability announcement from the desk of General Manager Carl Smith.

Next steps


Our in-house support team has already begun contacting labs to roll out the update to version 4.0. To proactively schedule your lab's update, contact Technical Support today.