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Dear Valued Clients,


In this newsletter, check out past webinars, can't miss upcoming webinars, and our upcoming Summer Series! As always, please visit your CGM PORTAL to see past newsletters and lots of great trainings and updates. 

In case you missed it...


Experts from our billing services team have been busy meeting with clients like you in recent months. If you missed anything, check out the links below to catch up on our recent webinars.

CGM Engage software training


Have you engaged with CGM Engage? 


CGM Engage is our learning management system that includes training courses and more, so new or even long-term members of your staff get the most out of your CGM systems. It's a great way for CGM customers to access simple product learnings and cross-training opportunities! Some courses are offered for free, but most are subscription based. Reach out to us if you have any questions. Learn more with the download below.


For existing subscribers, make sure you've bookmarked the correct address. The current url is, but this will be renamed to effective July 1, 2024.


The current link is active until that date! 

CGM Summer Series

We are delighted to announce the virtual CGM Summer Series.


This program of trainings and educational seminars will help us provide you with free education in digestible sessions, so you can stay in the comfort of your practice while learning to improve your efficiency with CGM systems and gaining industry knowledge.


 Expect all of the following and more:

  • One to two sessions per week
  • Sessions from June to August
  • Product-specific training
  • Software updates
  • Coding guidance
  • Tips and tricks from our Office of the CMO

We will record the sessions and post them to the CGM Portal. Watch for announcements on how to sign up for the CGM Summer Series.

CGM email domain transition

We are transitioning members of the former eMDs team to CGM email addresses. Most email addresses will use a name format. Both the new and former addresses will work for a while with auto-forwarding.


In addition to direct emails, emails are also sent from and Please check with your IT that these are whitelisted, so you and your team can continue to receive important communications from CGM.


Remember that your staff that are set up as administrators on the CGM Portal for support are also able to manager your team's communication options and subscriptions.


Upcoming webinars


  • QHIN 101 Webinar from Surescripts
    • Wondering what a QHIN is, or what TEFCA means, and how you can use CGM APRIMA's Surescripts RLE (Record Locator & Exchange) to securely share and receive patient information? Our partner Surescripts has some excellent education webinars about this. Their first webinar - "QHIN 101" is scheduled for Tuesday, June 5, at 1PM ET. Please register here!
CGM Portal Invoices

View invoices on the CGM Portal

Did you know your practice administrators can view and download your invoices on the CGM Portal? Here is how:

  1. Log in with your admin credentials. Note that non-admins cannot see invoices. Your admin user(s) are controlled by your practice, not CGM
  2. Click the MYORG button in the left menu
  3. Click the Invoices tab at the top

Here you can see PAID/NOT PAID status, invoice number, date, and amount. Buttons to the right can be used to view or download the invoice.

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