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One vision, one team, one platform – medical software made in the USA

March 5, 2018

CompuGroup Medical (CGM) is pleased to announce the launch of its new GAT initiative for medical software

Global AIS Template (GAT) will create modern Ambulatory Information System (AIS) products for several countries including the USA, France, Italy, South Africa, and more. CompuGroup Medical has chosen the United States as the core location for this new initiative.

The central purpose of an AIS is to communicate information to the practitioner which facilitates clinical decision making.

A new generation of solutions will leverage cutting-edge technology to provide the best in class customer experience by supporting and optimizing customer workflow.

The goal is to allow a variety of countries to quickly provide customized products to their markets by having a fully integrated AIS software platform with a shared code base, unified tools and processes. In other words: one vision, one team, one platform, multiple products. The time it takes to bring new products to market in both existing and emerging markets will be cut dramatically.

GAT will present CGM the opportunity to shape the future of how our customers all around the world do their work, whether it be for a single user or for a hosted solution and thousands of workstations. It will also be platform agnostic for use on smartphones, tablets and desktops. GAT will be creating global market opportunities for both healthcare providers and their patients. These innovations will bring great value to our customers.

CompuGroup Medical SE & Co. KGaA has chosen its U.S. division (CGM US) to oversee the GAT project because of their outstanding performance both in applying the new technologies as well as running complex development projects. To meet this demand CGM will grow the US-based development team headquartered in Phoenix, AZ.

CompuGroup Medical in the US market

Frank Gotthardt, CEO of CompuGroup Medical SE & Co. KGaA, made it clear that investing in the United States confirms once more CGM’s growth path in the medical software market.

"Constant collaboration with our GAT teams in other countries will bring in new ideas and cultural perspectives while remaining focused on one global platform. This brings the R&D innovations to a global scale," Gotthardt said. He emphasized, "This is at the same time a clear commitment to our investment and growth planning in the United States".

Benedikt Brueckle, Senior Vice President of CGM and Chief Executive Officer of CGM US underlined this.

"The growth and responsibility of the GAT project is a great honor for our US team. We are now entrusted with expanding the AIS market, which is projected to be one of the strongest divisions globally for CompuGroup Medical," Brueckle said.

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