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Better billing: cardiovascular practice uses ARIA RCM Services

November 12, 2020

Winner of the 2024 Best in KLAS award for ambulatory RCM services (EHR-Associated), ARIA RCM Services partners with you to build the most efficient path to a better bottom line.

ARIA RCM Services wins Best in KLAS 2024
Heart - Medical - Concept

Cardiovascular practice greatly reduces its aging AR bucket

Cardiovascular practices understand the stressors that come with medical billing.

There are several options for healthcare practices to consider when it comes to finding the top option for them. Is it best to hire an in-house biller, hire a consultant, or go with a full, outside service? When making these decisions, it's helpful to hear about another practice's journeys and successes to learn more about how they overcame a challenging situation similar to yours.

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Getting to the Heart of Effective and Efficient Billing

Orlando Heart & Vascular Institute had an in-house billing system with an outside management company to oversee that team. The management company managed how things were billed, when claims would go out, and the appeals process for denials. However, the practice found that invoices weren’t being sent out in a timely manner. Orlando Heart found that there were invoices that couldn’t go out due to the constraints of filing them in a timely manner. Paired with incorrect diagnosis codes and the fact that invoices weren’t being scrubbed prior to going out all made for an inefficient billing system for the practice.

Before long, their old AR bucket reached $1.7 million dollars. With invoices that needed to be sent out in the 80th day of their 90 day window, and the process not being tracked properly, Orlando Heart knew they needed a new system for their billing in order to be successful.

ARIA RCM Services was among the first options they considered thanks to a prior partnership with CompuGroup Medical and our CGM eMDs electronic health record. The cardiovascular practice ultimately decided that their best option was to extend their partnership to include ARIA RCM Services.

Relying on the experienced teams that make up ARIA RCM Services, Orlando Heart & Vascular Institute went from having claims take around three months to being resolved within weeks. Their old, outstanding AR bucket of $1.7 million was reduced by $1.25 million within the first three months of their partnership.

Learn more about ARIA RCM Services

Watch the video above to learn more about how this small, independent practice has been able to increase revenue and decrease claim denials with ARIA RCM Services.

Contact us for a free assessment and see if ARIA RCM Services is the right fit for your practice, too.

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