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Remote Patient Care

Mitigate the spread of contagious diseases, promote patient wellness, and reach remote or immobile patient populations. Remote patient monitoring and telehealth are pushing the envelope of what is possible in healthcare today.

A doctor engaging in a telehealth call
How to leverage telehealth in dermatology practices

Telehealth is quickly becoming a mainstay in the medical landscape. More and more often, practices are expected to ...

A doctor engaging in a telehealth call
How can an internal medicine practice leverage telehealth?

Internal medicine practices are in a unique position as far as being prepared to implement telehealth in how they ...

A doctor engaging in a telehealth call
What's the best way to leverage endocrinology telehealth?

Endocrinologists see a variety of patients. They understand that patient needs are different today than they once ...

Telehealth, Remote Patient Monitoring
A doctor reaches out to her patient via telehealth
Bedside manner for telehealth: a new frontier

Bedside manner for telehealth requires a whole new skill set from doctors and caregivers. Learn what to do now that ...

A doctor consults her patients remotely with the integrated telehealth solution for CGM APRIMA
Introducing Patient Connect: integrated telehealth for CGM APRIMA

CompuGroup Medical is excited to introduce Patient Connect, our proprietary, integrated telehealth solution for the ...

EHR, CGM APRIMA, Telehealth
A surgical doctor smiling.
How can you leverage telehealth in surgical care?

Patients with a wide variety of medical needs, including telehealth in surgical care, are increasingly requesting ...

A patient using telehealth for her OBGYN visit
How can your OBGYN practice leverage telehealth?

Telehealth exploded onto the healthcare scene, and it's a convenient option that more and more patients have become comfortable with. But how do you leverage telehealth to meet the unique demands of a specialty ...