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eMDs is now CompuGroup Medical

April 3, 2024 | Daniel Doll
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eMDs—a leading provider of electronic health record and practice management software solutions, as well as ARIA Health Services and its award-winning revenue cycle management services—was acquired by CompuGroup Medical (CGM) in January 2020. This acquisition brought together two prominent companies in the healthcare technology industry and expanded CGM's presence in North America.

As result of the acquisition, the eMDs website (formerly has become a part of the CGM family and has moved to the domain. This transition is an exciting new chapter for users of eMDs brands. The integrated website more fully represents the benefits eMDs customers enjoy as members of the CGM family with its comprehensive suite of integrated healthcare solutions and services.

Expanding the eMDs portfolio of software and services

The move to provides eMDs customers with access to the broader range of products and services offered by CGM, including innovative EHR and practice management software, EDI, lab management systems, revenue cycle management services, patient engagement, and telehealth solutions.

Derek Pickell, CEO, CompuGroup Medical US
CGM always aspires to become the future of e-health, and this solid foundation is what puts that goal within reach.

Derek Pickell, CEO, CompuGroup Medical US

Likewise, popular eMDs offerings provide a great boost to the CGM portfolio. Popular solutions such as the CGM APRIMA EHR and Practice Management system and the revenue cycle management, credentialing, and enrollment offered by ARIA Health Services have found a prominent place on and the CompuGroup Medical website.

Both existing and potential customers can now benefit from a more extensive network of resources and support to enhance their healthcare technology experience. Users will benefit from CompuGroup Medical’s continued investment in and support and development of former eMDs products.

For example, the popular CGM LYTEC and CGM MEDISOFT practice management systems have continued to see annual software updates in the years since CGM acquired eMDs. In addition, CompuGroup Medical has rolled out an online support portal to streamline access to technical support for many of its products.

The history and growth of eMDs and CompuGroup Medical

When it comes to supporting the North American healthcare market, both CGM and eMDs enjoyed similar growth trajectories before ultimately combining as one.

Both eMDs and CompuGroup Medical have maintained a focus on developing and supporting their existing software libraries.

At the same time, eMDs and CompuGroup Medical also share a history of strengthening their product and service portfolios through strategic acquisitions.

For example, eMDs notably acquired the companies that would bring us CGM APRIMA and the top-rated ARIA RCM Services, while CompuGroup Medical acquired the CGM LABDAQ Laboratory Information System and its own, internal clearinghouse, eMEDIX Reimbursement Solutions.

Top-Rated EHR
Our leading EHR solution, CGM APRIMA offers a uniquely fast, flexible, and powerful EHR designed to complement and simplify your workflow, not hinder it.
Leading LIS
CGM LABDAQ is the leading laboratory information system in the United States. Intuitive. Secure. Scalable.

Today, that eMEDIX service is tightly integrated into all CGM practice management systems, offering a vastly better experience for revenue cycle professionals that helps them collect more and be more efficient. As engagement has become more integral to practices, the CGM CONNECTION patient engagement and reminders system is now also a seamless part of the company’s EHR and practice management software.

Ultimately, this strategy led to the acquisition of eMDs and its subsequent merger with CompuGroup Medical in North America.

Following the updating and moving of content from to the CompuGroup Medical website, practices and laboratories nationwide can easily discover the result of the two companies’ historic trajectories.

"As the CEO of eMDs, it has been a privilege to see the eMDs portfolio and business grow over the years,” said Derek Pickell, CEO, CompuGroup Medical US. “It is an incredible achievement to see those award-winning products and services represented today as part of the CompuGroup Medical family. CGM always aspires to become the future of e-health, and this solid foundation is what puts that goal within reach."

Overall, the acquisition of eMDs by CompuGroup Medical and the transition to signifies a major step forward in delivering integrated, cutting-edge technology solutions to healthcare providers and organizations throughout North America.

CompuGroup Medical represents a single company to reduce vendor complexity for customers that want to focus on care. It’s the result of the CGM mission to synchronize healthcare as a trusted partner in healthcare IT that helps facilitate the best possible medical treatment.

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