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Introducing CGM RPM Remote Patient Monitoring

June 18, 2021 | Daniel Doll

Connect with patients using the cutting-edge CGM RPM Remote Patient Monitoring platform, and collect real-time data from pulse oximeters and other devices.

CGM RPM Remote Patient Monitoring

Better Care. Better Outcomes.

Popular among patients and practices, CGM RPM means better care and better outcomes. Rev up your patient outreach and drive better results with Remote Patient Monitoring.

With Remote Patient Monitoring, patients are able to track their vital signs in real-time with easy-to-use, wireless devices such as the CGM Pulse Oximeter. Measurements are sent back to the provider using the CGM Health Hub mobile device, and doctors receive alerts whenever a value exceeds the limits of a predetermined threshold.

Patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart failure, and COPD can manage their conditions and receive immediate attention whenever their measurements begin to go out of the acceptable range.

Save Time. Save Lives.

CompuGroup Medical's Remote Patient Monitoring saves practices time and money by collecting new patient data and providing easy access for immediate review. Practices can expect to earn up to $720 per patient, per year through Medicare reimbursements. And patients can expect better outcomes as they monitor health values including their blood-oxygen level, pulse, blood pressure, body temperature, weight, and more.

Data Security. Accountability.

The CGM Remote Patient Monitoring platform relies on a secure, cloud-based server architecture. Patients take measurements at home using Bluetooth-enabled devices. Values are sent to the server wirelessly from the CGM Health Hub mobile device, and doctors can log in from any device to check results, particularly when they receive an alert about a result that's beyond a predetermined threshold.

Secure Communication.

If a patient's health deteriorates, doctors can make contact immediately by video consultation using CGM ELVI Telemedicine. With CGM ELVI, the doctor and patient can communicate securely with an encrypted, point-to-point connection.

Telemedicine has risen to prominence in the modern healthcare landscape, and CGM RPM is the new horizon. Offer superior, more immediate care. Help your patients achieve better outcomes, and open new revenue streams to strengthen your practice.

Contact your representative at CompuGroup Medical. Drive your success, and learn more about CGM RPM Remote Patient Monitoring

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