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General Surgery EHR

Unlike other medical settings, surgical centers require a specialized approach due to the intricate nature of procedures performed. Our team recognizes the need for an EHR system tailored to the unique workflows of surgical care professionals, providing an intuitive and efficient solution to support their critical work.

CompuGroup Medical's EHR is meticulously designed to meet this imperative, offering a user-friendly interface and market-leading efficiency to facilitate seamless workflows for surgical practitioners. This ensures that surgical care providers have access to the essential information they need, promoting precision and informed decision-making before, during, and after surgical procedures.

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Karen Tuttle, CEO<br>Jefferson Surgical Clinic
CGM APRIMA has a great recall system. Rather than losing patients to the recall process, we are able to proactively reach out to our patients and remind them of their visits and follow ups. That of course has helped our bottom line. 

Karen Tuttle, CEO
Jefferson Surgical Clinic

Features and benefits of our Surgery EHR solution

Voice recognition for fast documentation

Choose from a comprehensive surgical-specific vocabulary, efficiently record follow-up visits in under a minute, and effortlessly create patient notes using your preferred method: keyboard and mouse, dictation, scribe, integrated voice recognition, or shared documentation. Furthermore, leverage voice-to-text directly into structured notes fields to earn E&M and Meaningful Use credit, and craft patient-oriented visit summaries with non-medical terminology for improved patient understanding.

Don't chart from scratch

Utilize our custom problem templates to engage with all facets of documentation, from pre-surgery consults to order sets.

Engage families and patients

Enhance your practice's involvement on various fronts. Our patient portal enables family members to access information, facilitating everyone's participation in the patient's health journey. Moreover, leverage our HIPAA-compliant email campaigns to identify patients requiring follow-ups, leading to increased visits, healthier patients, and enhanced revenue. If you need to conduct meetings outside the practice, utilize our integrated telehealth feature to connect with your patients wherever they are.

Elevated code searching

Concentrating on ICD-10, our integration with Intelligent Medical Objects simplifies the code lookup for providers, enabling them to promptly refine their search based on specificity.

Easily manage your authorizations

Efficiently oversee all pending authorizations through a unified dashboard. Streamline the process by automatically sending the chart note to the authorization desk with just one click.

More efficient ePrescribing

Communicate the expenses of your patients' prescriptions while prescribing them, offering speed and transparency during their patient journeys. This encompasses electronic refill requests, automatic retrieval of medical history, and reconciliation and eligibility information.


Easy quality reporting for surgeons

Our surgical EHR includes a real-time MIPS dashboard so surgical practices can track their progress on the fly. Our MIPS dashboard provides drill-down capability into individual chart notes for total clarity into your organization’s numerators and denominators.

Standard and included reporting capability provides what surgical care centers need to successfully attest to their MIPS.

surgeon operating
doctor using a surgery ehr

Ultimate EHR interoperability

Our surgical EHR gives healthcare providers the ability to access the patient data they need while allowing them to focus on care. We provide a point-to-point interface, integration with a Health Information Exchange (HIE), direct messaging, and the ability to participate in our national network partners’ programs such as Surescripts and CommonWell.

Healthcare organizations are moving to digitize their paper-based processes with EHR systems that handle inbound and outbound faxes for optimal efficiency. We provide a single solution that routes, processes, and files inbound fax workflows to patients’ charts, while outbound faxes can be sent directly from the EHR.

Ohio Colorectal practice reaches success with flexibility and efficiency of CGM APRIMA EHR

When Dr. Steve Wiley of Ohio Valley Colon & Rectal Surgeons decided make the leap into electronic health records, he encountered a problem: there were no EHR packages on the market designed specifically for colorectal practices. Gastroenterology practices have similar charting needs, but colo-rectal specialists need more specialized terminology, greater specificity in the patient history, and accommodation for more in-office procedures. Therefore, Dr. Wiley decided his biggest priority would be finding a system that could be customized to his needs.

After testing several systems, the practice selected the CGM APRIMA EHR.

Ohio colorectal practice reaches success with flexibility and efficiency of CGM APRIMA EHR

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