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Value-based care model management by Persivia

Persivia enables hospitals, practices, payers, public health agencies, and EHRs to manage multiple value-based care models across all available datasets to arrive at insights in real time, personalized at the point of care. 

A first-of-its-kind, single-platform solution, CareSpace®, follows a patient from admission, through post-acute stays, and into the home. Powered by the Soliton® AI engine, CareSpace by Persivia integrates disjointed legacy systems to help align incentives across multiple reimbursement models. 

For health systems and providers, Persivia helps improve care delivery and quality scores through AI-driven workflows and pathways to create personalized care programs and optimize risk adjustment and member prioritization at the point of care, both in person and virtually.

Uniquely, for the public health sector, Persivia's SmartPHIN™ module helps state departments of public health manage the high-volume electronic test ordering and resulting requirements of large-scale epidemics like the COVID-19 novel coronavirus.

Compatible products

Persivia integrates with the following product lines by CompuGroup Medical:

  • CGM eMDs
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Key benefits of using Persivia

Single source of truth

Enjoy transparent reporting capabilities for quality, cost, and care from a single longitudinal patient record. Optimize care delivery and reduce costs through better utilization of resources. Boost revenue by the identification of billable opportunities. 

Improved patient care

Follow patents across multiple care settings to track cost and care from the hospital to the SNF to the clinic and all the way back home.

Insightful data analytics

Collect, normalize and make actionable data from multiple EHRs, ADT feeds, claims sources, HL7 feeds, social determinants of health, genetic testing, home devices, and patient reporting.