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Cloud faxing for CGM APRIMA by Kno2

Kno2 is the only integrated, HIPAA-compliant, cloud fax solution for CGM APRIMA.

Designed with you in mind, Kno2 addresses the long-standing challenges providers everywhere continue to face with common fax solutions.

Kno2 closes the gap between traditional cloud fax and the emerging interoperability workflows for exchanging patient records. With Kno2's cloud faxing, your practice will receive significant time savings back that you can reinvest in your patients.

With Kno2, you'll reconcile patient information quickly back to their chart. When receiving a fax, users can quickly attach a document to the patient record, a specific visit, or one or more orders for the patient. By attaching a received fax back to an open order, Kno2 triggers a workflow that closes the order and ensures the results are reviewed by the assigned provider(s).

Sending a fax is just as easy. A fax can be sent with a single click from every part of the patient chart in CGM APRIMA, driving significant time savings compared to any other fax solution. 

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Improved Document Management with Cloud Faxing Workflow from CGM APRIMA
Compatible products

Kno2 integrates with the leading EHR by CompuGroup Medical:

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World-Class Cloud Faxing Designed for Healthcare

Paperless cloud faxing allows users to send and receive documents from anywhere inside CGM APRIMA.

  • HIPAA-compliant, robust fax technology
  • Port/keep your fax number or get a new one
  • No long distance or toll-free charges
  • No additional hardware requirements
Document Management

Bypass document linking and attach medical records directly to patient chart.

  • Route faxes to appropriate staff based upon predefined rules
  • Perform document QC, document breaking, and page deletion
  • Review/task assignment and patient/document type assignment
Complete CGM APRIMA Integration

Streamline all document handling workflows:

  • Automatically submit documents to a chart at the patient visit or order level
  • Automatically close out open orders and referrals and attach associated results
  • Sign and annotate all received faxes
  • Send faxes from everywhere within a patient chart

All information managed by the Kno2 platform is secured using advanced technologies.

  • HIPAA-compliant
  • Encrypted at rest and in transport
  • Fully audited
Network Invitation

Want to stop using fax altogether? Easily invite healthcare providers you fax with frequently to use more secure, electronic forms of exchange. 

  • Reduce fax volume and its associated costs
  • Further improve your document workflows

With Kno2 reporting, gain visibility to all the fax activity happening in your organization.

Make informed decisions and transition to more electronic forms of exchange starting with your highest volume fax workflows.