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ChartCapture company overview

Extracting all the old information from your legacy EHR seems hard because the legacy EHR vendor doesn't want to help you leave them. Once you have the legacy data in hand, you need a secure place to store it all and an easy way to access it when you need it.

ChartCapture solves all of these problems at once.

You can put ChartCapture's experts in charge of extracting all of the patient history out of your old EHR. They will load everything into your ChartCapture EHR Archive account. Then, your providers and staff can easily access everything through a link from within your new EHR, CGM APRIMA.

Log in to CGM APRIMA and have easy access to the old information right alongside the new. Streamline provider workflow, kick your old EHR to the curb, and rest easy knowing experts are in charge of the whole process.

Compatible products

ChartCapture integrates with the following product lines by CompuGroup Medical:

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Benefits of using ChartCapture

Convert and access 100% of your legacy EHR data

It doesn't matter if you have access to your legacy EHR's database or not, the ChartCapture data conversion service can pull your patient content directly out of the legacy EHR interface even in situations when your clinic’s data is being held hostage by a legacy vendor.

Free assessment process allows you to know exactly what to expect before committing

Don’t get stuck halfway through your move to CGM APRIMA just to find out your data conversion vendor can't get everything you expected. Plan your go-live with confidence with our project engineers so you know all milestones and deadlines before making any commitment. No bait-and-switch fees with an easy-to-understand pricing model.


Access your ChartCapture archive through a web browser anytime/anywhere

While on any patient in CGM APRIMA, you can click ChartCapture link to access their full legacy chart in a pop-up window.

Your ChartCapture archive is works in tandem with CGM APRIMA, but can also be accessed remotely via your clinic's own ChartCapture account.

Include old paper charts in your ChartCapture archive

Use your in-house scanner to digitize and import any remaining paper charts into the simple document management module

Make ROI requests simple by printing or downloading any partial or full chart

Export a chart in an open PDF format—no proprietary viewers needed.

Additionally, export or print a single page, a custom set of pages or the full patient chart using the simple ChartCapture print cart module.