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Automate patient demographic entry with MedicScan by Acuant

MedicScanĀ® extracts images and data from medical insurance cards and IDs to auto-fill patient demographics screens.

Acuant MedicScan software works with your EHR/PM system to extract images and data from identity documents via a desktop scanner or mobile device. MedicScan automatically populates your patient demographics screens in seconds and works with with driver's licenses, government-issued IDs, and medical insurance cards. Improve patient registration and management, save time on front desk and claim processes to reduce claim rejections, and enhance revenue streams.

Acuant technology integrates seamlessly and works with any desktop scanner or mobile device to input data in seconds. Experience speedy patient registration and improved revenue cycle processes by reducing error-prone, manual input with MedicScan.

Compatible products

Acuant MedicScan integrates with the following product lines by CompuGroup Medical:

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Automate and Streamline Operations while Reducing Claim Rejections
  • Eliminate keystrokes and automate processes
  • Increase operational efficiency and patient experience
  • Automate patient intake
Easily Meet Compliance and Regulatory Needs
  • Secure patient data intake and storage
  • Process claims
  • Instantly verify age, address, and identities
  • Be compliant with HIPAA, KYC, AML, PII, and GDPR
Prevent Healthcare Fraud and Patient Mismanagement
  • Minimize risk and prevent fraud
  • Enhance physical and digital security
  • Match patient identities more accurately