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Precision medicine based on genomics

ActX helps physicians make better treatment decisions, using patients' genetics, within CGM APRIMA.

ActX brings precision medicine based on genomics to day-to-day patient care for CGM APRIMA users. It is closely integrated with CGM APRIMA, frequently updated based on the latest research, and designed for the busy clinician who is not an expert in genetics.

ActX focuses on actionable genomics, where there are clear evidence-based actions for physicians and patients to take.  

ActX is a complete service. After an order is placed, ActX takes care of obtaining patient genetic data through affordable saliva-based genetic testing. ActX analyzes a genome in real time and alerts physicians about drug-genome interactions, actionable serious hereditary risks, and carrier status. Every time a prescription is written in CGM APRIMA, ActX checks the drug against the patient's genetics, providing an alert if there is an issue with medication efficacy, dosing, or adverse effects. ActX provides seamless workflow for the busy clinician.

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ActX integrates closely with the following product lines by CompuGroup Medical:

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Tests for Drug Genomic Interactions

ActX tests for drug genomic interactions for over 500 commonly prescribed medications

  • 89% of people have genetic variants that will impact how their medications work
  • The medication list covers most U.S. prescription drugs for which there is sufficient evidence of a genomic effect
  • View your patient's genomic profile for alternative medication recommendations
Tests for Over 80 Actionable Hereditary Disease Risks

ActX tests for over 80 actionable hereditary disease risks, including:

  • Hereditary cancers, such as Lynch Syndrome
  • Cardiovascular conditions such as long QT syndrome
  • Metabolic and other conditions such as hereditary hemochromatosis
Tests for Over 230 Carrier Statuses

ActX tests for over 230 carrier statuses

  • These are recessive diseases, where children are at risk if both parents carry them
Information that is Never Out of Date

The information you and your patients receive is never out of date

  • Every time you access your EHR, you will receive relevant, actionable, up-to-date information based on your patients' genomics
  • Eliminate the need to decipher lengthy reports. ActX does the work for you and only alerts you for actionable conditions
Ongoing Support

ActX staffs world-class scientists and university advisors to deliver the actionable, evidence-based information you need in a format you can trust

  • Phone support and consultations for physicians is available
  • Reach customer service easily, Monday through Friday
Is ActX Right for Your Patient?

Good candidates for ActX genetic testing include, but are not limited to:

  • Patients who want to be pro-active in managing their health
  • Patients taking three or more medications
  • Patients with unclear family medical history, or those preparing to start their family