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Mental Health

CGM ELVI Telemedicine connects providers to remote or socially distant patients
CGM ELVI sets standard for telehealth during global pandemic
Growing family practice improves patient relationships using CGM ELVI telehealth solution

"In this day and ...

CGM ELVI, Telehealth, Remote Patient Monitoring | Daniel Doll
doctor thinking about how to improve RCM
Junge Ärztin am PC.
6 proven tips to improve RCM as a provider

Revenue Cycle Management is a significant aspect of every provider’s business model as you work to collect co-pays, ...

Reimbursements, Medical Billing
Cash representing your EHR ROI
EHR ROI: 5 ways to boost your return on investment

When it comes to investing in technology, it’s sometimes difficult to know if you're making the most of your ...

Doctor and nurse using their small practice EHR
Small practice EHR: 5 things to look for

Electronic health records have disrupted the healthcare market with their immense benefits and ability to engage ...

Doctor using her EHR/EMR
Are EHRs and EMRs the same thing?

EHRs and EMRs (electronic health records and electronic medical records) are the two ways of storing patient health ...

e-health, EHR, EMR
Patient engagement via text messaging
Streamlining operations through patient engagement software

Research has found that a patients’ engagement in their treatment can drive results and improve overall health ...

e-health, CGM APRIMA, Telehealth
Telemedicine for Member Associations
CGM US partners with state associations to promote telemedicine
Arizona Medical Association and others recommend CGM ELVI telemedicine to member physicians

Amidst the global pandemic of COVID-19, the Arizona Medical Association ...

Telehealth | Daniel Doll