ARIA RCM ranked #1! We want to thank our customers for making this award possible
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ARIA RCM Services ranked #1 in Best in KLAS

Dear Valued Clients,


We are proud to announce that ARIA RCM Services is ranked number one in Best in KLAS for Ambulatory RCM Services, recognizing ARIA as an industry leader for end-to-end revenue cycle management!


We foremost want to thank you, our customers who are currently partnered with ARIA RCM Services. Without you this award would not be possible. We thank you for your support and continued loyalty. We will continue to be the partner you know and love, while always striving to deliver better results for your business.

“I have so much confidence that we are in such good hands with the firm's support people and how they handle everything. The whole management team has risen from the trenches. They were the ground staff and slowly rose in ranks. They know exactly what work is involved. I'm just so happy that we are with CompuGroup Medical US."


- Manager, October 2023 - Customer Comment 

At ARIA Health Services, we help practices and other healthcare organizations navigate the entire revenue life cycle. Our experts rely on years of experience with payer billing rules, audits, recoupments, appeals and denials, and much more.


We provide our customers with end-to-end revenue cycle management that includes managing claim denials and days in AR, coding assistance, operational reviews, KPIs, and more- all to help you achieve a path to a healthier bottom line.


Please read the full press release on our website. If you have any questions, or if you would like to learn more about ARIA RCM Services, please contact us. 



Your team at CompuGroup Medical

CGM ARIA: Best in KLAS 2024