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Dear Valued Clients,


We are kicking off this year with a new coding webinar, G2211 Front Line Stories: If you're not using it, you should be, from our very own Maria Sanders, ARIA Director of RCM Operations.


This will be a part of our new billing, coding, and revenue cycle management education series, ARIA Academy: The ABCs of Revenue Cycle Management. We are excited to launch this new initiative to give you guidance based upon our experience providing billing and credentialing/enrollment for thousands of providers across the country. We'll provide tips and handouts, as well as live webinars.

The upcoming webinar, the first in our series, will be on February 7, at 1PM ET. Take a look at our G2211 Tips and Tricks handout in the meantime!
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2024 Clinical Quality Measures reporting with CGM MEASURES

It is a new year, which means a new cycle of data gathering is beginning for your 2024 calendar year reporting. Tired of your existing tools? Need real-time reports? Look no further than CGM MEASURES, our very own, tightly integrated reporting tool.


Here are a few benefits to switching:

  • Single vendor solution - CGM MEASURES brings reporting back in-house
  • Near real-time reporting updates - now your documentation customizations are much easier to validate
  • Uses almost exactly the same data that you see in a CCDA so it's much easier to understand how to tailor your system
  • It's inexpensive compared with many other CQMs systems on the market

Contact your CSE for more information.

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Updated contact info for your client sales executive

To better assist you with your sales needs and account management activities, we are proud to announce new regional territory assignments for our Client Sales Executives (CSE), formerly known as the Technology Account Executives (TAE). 


Please download the territory map and a brief intro so you can familiarize yourself with your CSE! Our team is excited to get to know you and continue our partnership. Please contact your CSE at any time. 

How did your billing operation do in 2023?

Now that we're a month into 2024, you should know how things went in 2023 with your billing operations.  As your partner vested in your financial health, CGM is happy to offer a free, personalized RCM assessment.  It doesn't take long to gather the information needed for us to provide you with a professional report that looks at:

  • Accounts Receivable aging
  • Patient accounts
  • Insurance accounts
  • Days revenue outstanding
  • Claim submission lag days

If you are interested, please respond to this email or fill out this form!

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CGM Portal Update – New features and improvements to your support portal

We are delighted to announce that the CGM Portal has been updated with new features and enhancements designed to improve your experience. As of January 8, you'll notice a series of upgrades aimed at making your interaction with the portal more intuitive and efficient. Here's a snapshot of the key highlights you can start enjoying right now:


1. Multi-Organization Support: We've made it simpler for individuals who operate across multiple organizations. Now, a single contact can be linked to multiple organizations, streamlining your workflow and enhancing efficiency.

2. Notification Management: Our revamped notification system is now live! Enjoy the ability to manage your interactions more effectively, ensuring that you stay informed. Customize your notification list to fit your unique needs.

3. Enhanced Contact Management: Discover an improved way to manage your contacts with more intuitive viewing options and enhanced search functionality. Managing your contacts is now more efficient and straightforward.

4. Support Kanban Board and Filters: The Support Kanban Board and filters have received significant updates. Not only will you see a clearer view of case statuses, but you can also now save your individual filter combinations for quicker and more personalized case management.

5. Integrated Knowledge Base: Access all the information you need directly within the portal. Our integrated Knowledge Base is designed to provide you with immediate, relevant support information, streamlining your search for solutions.

6. Ticket Reassignment: With this update, ticket owners and admins can now reassign a ticket to another contact on their team.  We are excited to bring back this feature as it provides more ticket management capabilities to our customers and resellers. Please see the release notes below for additional details.


We are committed to continuously improving your experience with the CGM PORTAL. For a detailed overview of all the enhancements and new features included in the January 2024 release, please visit: January 2024 Release Notes. Dive in and explore the new functionalities now at your fingertips! We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who participated in our last survey.


Your feedback is invaluable, and we hope to have delivered some of the most requested features with this update. Looking ahead, we're excited to announce that we plan to reintroduce the human chat functionality in our next release. Stay tuned for more enhancements designed with your needs in mind!


Not yet a CGM Portal user? Please ask your CGM Portal Administrator to add you. If you do not have a portal admin, please reach out to CGM Support for assistance. We hope you enjoy these updates and look forward to your continued feedback and engagement.

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FQHC Advisory Board volunteer request

CGM's Product and Business teams enjoy working with different stakeholders to ensure we are keeping abreast of market needs and solicit feedback from practices across different specialties and settings. This year we would like to start a formal advisory board/council to work with FQHCs. We anticipate virtual meetings approximately once a quarter.


Are you interested in participating? Please send an email to with "CGM FQHC Advisory Board Volunteer" in the subject line. We will respond and let you know if your practice fits a gap in our board needs and add everyone to a list for a future rotation. Thanks for being a part of the wider CGM community.

CGM Portal - Latest news

With the implementation of our “Latest News” section in the CGM Portal dashboard, we wanted to be sure that our customers and partners know that this location is where you should expect to see a number of important and useful announcements.


We will leverage this to post critical alerts related to CGM solutions or partners, new release notifications, support and service updates, and much more. Please review this regularly and check back for critical issues, notifications, and updates.  

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