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The global pandemic sparked by COVID-19 brought challenges to familes, practices, and laboratories alike. CompuGroup Medical stepped up during the fight against the coronavirus to deliver telehealth, software, and services to improve patient wellness and keep healthcare practices and laboratories running throughout the pandemic.

CompuGroup Medical simplifies provider access to telemedicine
CGM launches dedicated website and phone line for providers to request free access to CGM ELVI ...
CGM ELVI, Telehealth, COVID-19 | Daniel Doll
CGM ELVI Telemedicine mitigates the spread of COVID-19
Telemedicine solution free during initial months of the pandemic
Secure, web-based video consultations empower patients to receive medical attention from home

As t...

CGM ELVI, COVID-19, Telehealth | Daniel Doll
CGM ELVI Telemedicine
CGM ELVI Telemedicine
CGM offers telehealth service to improve coronavirus response
Providers to offer patient care via CGM's web-based, electronic telehealth service at no cost to the ...
CGM ELVI, Telehealth, COVID-19 | Daniel Doll
CGM LABDAQ for COVID-19 Testing