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#denial prevention

5 proven denial management strategies
5 proven denial prevention strategies for your medical practice

Medical coding and billing involve complex processes that differ depending on the patient, insurer, and procedure. ...

Revenue Cycle Management, Reimbursements
A doctor who cares about healthcare KPIs
Healthcare KPIs: Key performance indicators and their financial impacts

KPIs is short for Key Performance Indicators. Financial healthcare KPIs measure the financial health of your practic...

Revenue Cycle Management
Should I stay or should I go?
Switching to a new billing clearinghouse

Switching to a new billing clearinghouse can seem like an overwhelming process. You must choose a clearinghouse that...

eMEDIX, Medical Billing
A pensive woman wondering what good is a healthcare clearinghouse
Healthcare clearinghouses: What (good) are they?

Medical clearinghouses are electronic warehouses that allow healthcare practices to transmit electronic healthcare ...

eMEDIX, Medical Billing