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Simple, finance management makes cents to your healthcare practice!

January 3, 2022

Simplify your daily tasks. Automate your claims and billing. Everything you need to run and grow a successful healthcare practice.

Doctor and patient relationship with new billing and practice management solution

Is the burden of outstanding payments, debt collection costs and inefficient processes a downer for your practice?     

Gone are the days where your practice carries the burden of outstanding payments, debt collection, inefficient processes and delayed invoicing.  With CGM MEDEDI Online Payments, our simple finance management solution offers safe and convenient digital payments and collections for your modern healthcare practice. 

Did you know that South African doctors lose at least one month of income annually in write-offs and collection fees.*    

*Business Tech, January 2021 

COVID has affected all of us!  As medical aids are squeezed, and shortfalls increase, practices are under pressure to adapt or close their doors! Don’t let this happen to yours - bring your practice into the 21st century with CGM MEDEDI online payments add-on.

It’s time to make contactless payments your reality.  Now you can modernise your onsite payments and offer your patients a variety of ways to pay their account instantly, from cash, credit card, EFT to SnapScan, Zapper or Masterpass. Say hello to safe, secure and immediate payment solutions that improve your practice’s cash flow.

Spend more time on patient care and less time and money chasing debt. Part of the challenge in recovering outstanding payments is finding the time to unravel the tangled web of medical aid payments and patient shortfalls, and that, together with the delay in invoicing patients, puts your practice under financial pressure. Make your life easier with our CGM MEDEDI online payments solution, where you can recover the unpaid debt without the drama. Simply view the patient account and the amount outstanding by the patient to see an accurate snapshot of the patient shortfalls. This can be done by logging a payment request for an outstanding account. You can send an SMS or add the online payment option to the account statement or invoice that is then emailed to the patient.  The patient is prompted to click on the link to pay or scan the QR code, choose how they want to pay (with SnapScan, Masterpass or EFT), and receive an instant patient receipt once the payment has been authorised. From the practice side, you will receive the notification upon payment and our automatic allocation of payment to the patient account makes practice reconciliation a breeze!     

Our easy collections take debt collection a step further to make life at your practice simpler. You can keep on top of your unpaid accounts with our overdue account age analysis that allows you to chase up late payers with online payment links or statements at the end of the month. Our seamless allocation of payments means that your practice accounts manager no longer needs to sit for hours, trying to reconcile your accounts. Now you can generate detailed income reports for monthly reconciliation and be assured that your statements and invoicing are precise and up-to-date. Simple debt collection reports help you stay on track and keep your practice financially fit and on track.   

Give your patients options with our instant@Medifin loan finance solution.  Finances are tight for all of us, not least your patients, especially when it comes to medical aids not covering certain medical procedures. Now you can offer them instant finance with low-interest, flexible and affordable @Medifin loans for medical procedures not covered by medical aids. @Medifin provides instant pre-approval for your patients for amounts over R10,000 with no deposit required.  Once the loan has been approved, your patient will receive the loan payment within 24 hours, allowing them to go ahead with booking their procedure and paying instantly. And the best news yet is @Medifin offers flexible repayment plans for your patients.   

Security is the name of our game. Your data and security is our top priority and we believe in keeping your transactions and patient information safe and POPI-aligned, using our best-in-class security practices. Trusted by healthcare providers across South Africa, we ensure that we meet PCI security standards in all that we do.   

Pay for what you use. Let us give you the tools to help you take control of your business and continue to build your thriving medical practice. With CGM MEDEDI’s online payments add-on, we only charge 3.5% per successful transaction and you only pay for what you use.

Say hello to extraordinary healthcare! Sign up today and boost your practice’s profitability with our toolkit! Get in touch today to start using MEDEDI online payment solutions.

Want to see how MEDEDI online payments could work for your practice? 

Good for business, great for patient care. 

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