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Say hello to extraordinary healthcare and start connecting the dots in your practice!  

April 6, 2022

Great experiences don’t just happen, and that is true even for the medical profession.  It’s time to connect the dots in your practice to make extraordinary healthcare your reality!  

Say hello to extraordinary healthcare that seamlessly connects every aspect of your practice and patient interaction to a centralised practice toolkit that, together with electronic health records, works hand-in-hand with your team to ease your practice woes.  

CGM MEDEDI and Practice Perfect bring you an all-in-one practice workflow that attracts new patients, onboards them digitally, offers remote consults and e-scripting, assists with billing, easy payments and electronic patient health records - all of which save you time and hassle so you can focus on treating your patients!    

We understand the stresses around practice management and connecting with patients and our gems of insight have helped shape each tool we offer, bringing you real value to your practice and those in your care.    


Make it easy for new patients to find you with our practice marketing! Team up with Avily, our partner in digital marketing, to take your medical practice online with a mobile-friendly website and entice new patients to your practice.  

Get the antidote for booking no-shows with RECOMED and put a stop to unnecessary emails. RECOMED integrates with your practice diary to offer online bookings to your patients at a date and time that suits them.  Your practice receives the appointment requests in the MEDEDI practice diary, and can approve or decline depending on the availability of the doctors in your practice. 

Once an appointment has been approved by your practice team, the patient receives a confirmation via email and sms, followed by a reminder one day before as well as on the day of their appointment.    

Take advantage of MEDME’s POPIA ready patient onboarding. New patients capture their personal and medical details online and submit it to your practice team. Integrated into MEDEDI, puts an end to time spent to double-capture the details.  Going paperless is a win for all: less time spent finding patient records, better record-keeping and more space in your practice.  

Take your expertise to your patient with CLICKDOC, our mobile-friendly platform. Streamline your practice to offer billable video consultations for certain appointments or follow-ups, as well as supplement your income with after-hour and weekend appointments.  

Your patient is sent a link, and enters the digital waiting room at the agreed appointment time, using CLICKDOC on any device (without the need to pre-install anything on your mobile device or computer). Manage your virtual diary in the MEDEDI calendar, and share your screen or documents at the touch of a button.  All video consultations are POPIA ready and HIPAA-compliant for data security peace of mind.  This feature is also available as an audio-only consultation (for low data connections).  

PRACTICE PERFECT, our electronic health records tool, was designed by a doctor to support your day-to-day practice workflow.  Traditional paper patient files are replaced with electronic health records (EHR) and these sync with your patient demographics from the MEDEDI system to transform your practice to a paperless one.  

These EHRs digitally capture the why, what and how of clinical care in real-time and let you create clinical notes in a click, draw diagrams to support your examination observations and even send blood work or samples to your favourite lab, instantly.  

With ICANSCRIPT, you can create and sign prescriptions on the fly. It’s time to rely on the most advanced e-scripting platform in South Africa to create, sign and send prescriptions to our pharmacy network and have the prescribed medicine delivered straight to your patients’ door.    

We make it easy for you to search and compare generic medication and medical aid approved drugs.    

You can even generate repeat scripts for your chronic patients - saving you valuable time and energy!  

Simple payments and collections for your practice just make sense with NEXION and MEDEDI!  Improve your cash flow by automating your billing and offering your patients many ways to pay - from SnapScan, QR code, Maestro to credit card and more. MEDEDI gives you the tools to take control of your business and continue to build a thriving medical practice.    

It is said that 60% of patients pay promptly on receipt of a reminder message - MEDEDI sends electronic billing reminders via email and SMS with payment QR code links to increase collection.  Detailed income reports are generated to assist with patient account reconciliation.    

Process ICD-10 codes and send medical aid claims in real-time with our fully-integrated MEDEDI toolkit - keeping you up to speed on what is covered by the scheme and what co-payments are due. Supports medical and allied practice specialities!  Now you can experience the fully automated electronic admittance advice submission and receive scheme payment receipts in minutes, saving your practice valuable time usually spent manually reconciling claims approved by medical aids.  

Use our expertise to uncover financial and clinical insights into your medical practice. With MEDEDI, you can monitor your business performance with interactive snapshots, transactional reports and financial dashboards to keep an eye on your billing performance and outstanding debts and collections.  

Say hello to extraordinary healthcare!  

Sign up today and boost your practice’s profitability with our toolkit!   

Good for business, great for patient care. 

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