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Always on, always perfectly accurate patient records with Practice Perfect 

More than just a digital version of a patient’s paper chart, Electronic Health Records digitally capture the why, what and how of clinical care. Create clinical notes in a click, draw diagrams to support your examination observations and even send blood work or samples to your favourite lab. Combine real-time patient and billing data for records that are nothing short of perfect with Practice Perfect.

Always on, always up to date


Always on and always up to date, Practice Perfect is available 24/7 and accurate every time. Auto-update ensures that you continue to get the latest and best - as the saying goes, “Practice makes perfect”!


Access vital clinical information to paint a complete picture of a patients’ health. Notes, diagrams, lab results, MIMS, and more.


Automate your practice processes and go paperless. For patient records which are nothing short of perfect, our Electronic Health Records offer greater accuracy, fewer errors and less duplicates than their paper counterparts.

A picture of your patient's health

Vital Clinical Care

Support your clinical decision making by capturing vital clinical

information such as your patient's clinical history, examination notes,

procedures, prescriptions, lab reports and more.

  • Easy to search
  • Centralised Electronic Health Records
  • Paperless
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Treatment notes to suit your practice

Get started with a template, it's the perfect way to document your

clinical work.

  • Customise diagrams to support your observations
  • Generate supporting documents and reports
  • Efficiency when working with your favourite pathology labs
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Multi-device support

Access your patient data from anywhere, seamlessly switching devices to complete complementary tasks. 

  • Always available
  • Browser is available on Android and iOS
  • Quick and easy to your practice data
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Famfocus Team, Somerset West
Using Practice Perfect on the cloud is just great, everything is much easier. You can work remotely, accessing the system anytime and anywhere. There are no delays, and the upload/export of documents and reports work much better. Cloud Hosted Solution simply works faster!

Famfocus Team, Somerset West