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Ensuring brand visibility when it matters most

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Pharmaceutical Brand Advertising

Enhance your brand's visibility through our targeted banner advertising solution tailored specifically for pharmaceutical brands. ​

Gain prime real estate within the doctor-patient landscape when it matters most – patient diagnosis and the point of scripting. ​

Integrate your brand into the prescription workflow and ensure that your products are front and center when doctors make crucial scripting decisions. ​

With precision targeting and strategic visibility, the ICS banner advertising maximises impact and drives brand awareness to your target audience.

Dose Info

Enhance the potential for your products to be selected as the preferred medication by doctors through our innovative “dose info” capability. ​

Provide doctors with easily accessible product information, empowering them to make informed product selections when scripting. ​

By integrating dosage information directly into your product listings, you stay ahead of the competitive landscape and streamline the prescription process – thus increasing the potential of your products being selected by medical professionals.