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Expert solution for specialist practitioners 

Professional Medical Office is a paperless patient-centric practice management system that is perfect for both specialist practitioners and medical centres. CGM PMO lets you get on top of your clinic processes, handling everything from bookings, appointment reminders, and patient registration, to chronological patient records, clinical notes and even claims and billing.  

We understand that specialist practitioners have special needs. For Gynaecologists or Paediatricians, CGM PMO is tailored to your set up or medical speciality. Find customisable templates, specific terminology, charts, tracking and other useful features specific to your practice.

Switch to PMO today to revolutionise how you manage your practice. Not only will it save on running costs, but it’ll improve the quality of patient care as well as your bottom line. 


Easily tailored to suit your particular practice setup, medical specialty and roles; generates relevant templates and makes meaningful use of content.



By integrating electronic medical records with eServices like document transfers, pathology tests, or eLab results, PMO manages patient care seamlessly across all departments and services.


Evolves as your needs do; advanced data access controls ensure that patient information is stored safely and reliably on CGM servers.

Online Patient Registration


This user friendly solution aims to provide an effective communication platform for all practice-patient interaction.  Streamline your patient registration process, by providing you with all the new patient data completed in the patient registration form without you having to copy it from the clipboard. 

Medical Records


Creating unique, patient-centric documentation with all clinical information recorded and stored electronically for ease of reference. Advanced data access controls ensure that patient data is safely and securely stored. 

Document Management


Bridges the gap allowing easy transition from paper-based records to electronic records. Allowing you to easily manage documents including the use of PDF files, images, forms to include reports and charts such as ECG, stress tests and ultrasounds. 

Paperless medical management




Dr Lebethe, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Gauteng
I have been using PMO since 2009, and every other clinical software I have seen in the market fail in comparison.  Having easy access to my patient records and the ability to send timeous responses to my referring GP’s are just a few ways I provide fantastic service to my patients. A paperless implementation is the way of the future, and PMO is adaptable to any practice.

Dr Lebethe, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Gauteng