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About us

Payments and collections made easy

Getting paid upfront and on time is a cinch! With POS+ and Link2Pay, your practice can now accept cash, card as well as contactless payments. Our best-in-class security keeps your transactions safe, no matter how your patient’s choose to pay.

Ready to take control of your practice? 

Simple finance management, that just makes cents

Many ways to pay

Let your patients choose how to pay!  

Our safe and convenient options include POS+, online and contactless payments - credit card, SnapScan, Maestro, EFT and more.

Easy Collections

Persuade patients to settle invoices on the spot and on time. 

We give you the tools to ease collection ensuring that you get paid sooner. Link2Pay is the answer to past due invoices (and debt). 

Financial Health

Recover outstanding debt without the drama!  

Know exactly what’s been paid (or not) in real-time. Less debt and improved cash flow to keep your practice financially fit.

Ann Liebenberg, Klerksdorp
I have been using MEDEDI since 2008. I chose MEDEDI because it's a customer friendly programme, and not overly complicated. Reports within MEDEDI, allow me to provide my clients with valuable insights as to what is happening in their business.

Ann Liebenberg, Klerksdorp

Doctors get paid faster, without the headaches


Get paid on the spot and improve your cash flow with POS+, online or contactless payments.

  • Invite payment at the time of service
  • Offer multiple payment options
  • Get real-time receipts 



Seamless integration with CGM MEDEDI, checks member benefits for clarity in coverage and efficient invoicing. 

  • Automate medical aid claims
  • Make it easy for patients to pay
  • Reduce payment delays


Practice profitability by taking control over your practice finances and spend less time chasing late payers. 

  • Shorten the payment life cycle
  • Minimise debt collection effort
  • Reduce your bad debt