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The X-factor with the biggest impact on your dental practice

Designed to simplify your daily workflow, XDENT will turn your dental practice into a successful business. By optimising your time, maximising your returns, XDENT enables you to focus on what matters most - patient dental care.

More than your average dental practice management system, XDENT is an all-in-one solution that allows you to efficiently manage all your dental practice activities, from appointment and recall management to charting, medical imaging, quotation management and billing, with a real-time switching solution.

Our automated patient relationship management tools are sure to make you smile; fewer no-shows and always up-to-date patient records.

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Technology that will keep you smiling


Designed by dentists for dentists to meet the needs of the single practitioner or dental specialist.


Instead of having to work with several platforms, XDENT is all-in-one, from clinical charting and quotations to billing and real-time claims management. 


Accuracy and reliability that will make you look good. A secure and reliable platform, you and your patients can trust. 

Turn your dental practice into a successful business




Your turnkey dental software solution


Central patient hub and Physical examination 

  • Simplifies the entire examination process, register every patient on the system; 
  • Identify and highlight dental conditions using imaging tools and input diagnostic data, providing a complete picture of each patient In just one click – additional features include: 
  • Archive of all documents and/or treatments created; 
  • Diagnostic images and/or associated videos; 
  • Medical history records; • physical examination; 
  • Dental record and treatment plans; 
  • Payment history and accounting information; 
  • Real-time claims management.

Image editing and Radiographic status 

  • XDENT integrates your digital X-Rays and allows you to edit and measure images; 
  • It has advanced features to work with diagnostic images; 
  • Allows you to register patients in only one software system and have images available at your fingertips; and 
  • The XDENT solution offers the most advanced technology for assessing radiographic status and describing clinical cases

Dental charting, Medical records and Billing 

  • XDENT offers seamless clinical charting and billing integration that minimise errors and optimise revenue; 
  • Charting saves time through drag-and-drop functionality to create treatment plans, with phases and adding charges in one go; 
  • Real-time Claims Management improves turnaround times on medical aid payments and boosts practice cash flow; 
  • Simplified management of all accounting, payment and invoicing operations; and 
  • Easy-to-use customisable periodontal charting, orthodontic notes and implant documentation.

Business reports with CRM integration

  • XDENT boasts an integrated CRM and has structured easy-to-use data mining tools;
  • It enables you to search patient records and easily extract the information or reports related to patients, treatments or accounting records; and
  • You can view reports on graphs and email or message patients directly from the extracted reports.

The future of Practice-Patient Communication

  • XINFO is a modern, professional communication and marketing tool all rolled into one.
  • It offers a unique solution for dental practices that value patient retention to stay in touch with their patients.
  • XINFO will remind your patients about their appointments no matter where they are.
  • Available for iOS and Android at no cost to your patients, this application will help your patients stay connected and informed.


Communication at your fingertips

  • With XINFO your patients will be able to quickly and easily:
  • Communicate with your clinic and request appointments;
  • Follow the treatment plans and learn about the medical warnings;
  • View their documents, financial statements and news.
  • The patient app is free for an unlimited number of patients.
A Dental Solution that works for you 
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