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About us

Finally, a clinical note that writes itself.

Never type notes manually into your electronic health record again. CompuGroup Medical brings you an AI engine so that you can stay fully focused on your patients. Just chat it out and watch it transform your consultation into a structured clinical health record, complete with ICD-10 codes.

How does Autoscriber benefit your practice?

Time Saving

Autoscriber helps doctors minimise admin time and reduce follow-up calls and visits by patients.

Job satisfaction

Take the burden out of work burnout created by excessive administrative overload.

Data Quality

Automatically extract discrete medical data from the conversation for better registration at the source.

Improved Patient Outcomes

Spending more time with your patient will give you a comprehensive approach to patient care and increased data availability for research.

I tested Autoscriber this week during my outpatient consultation sessions. This innovation will change how we work with the electronic health record. No more clicking and checking, but have a normal conversation with the patient while Autoscriber extracts the discrete data.

Wilbert Jellema