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The little add-ons that add up to a standout practice workflow.

Our value adds give you additional features for CGM MEDEDI. Not immediately available, these need to be activated for use in your daily workflow.  

Explore the features which help you to get the most out of CGM MEDEDI.


Your "home in MEDEDI, the Task Organiser gives you quick access to your practice admin - diary, patient details, billing and more. All in one place!

Put your practice in order so you and your Practice Manager are clear on what to do, when to do it and how to get it done


Join South Africa's fastest growing practitioner network to accept online bookings and grow your patient base.

Powering the future of healthcare bookings, RecoMed works seamlessly with CGM MEDEDI. 



First impressions matter! Show your patients that you care from the get-go! Do away with fruitless paper forms and no-shows.

Take advantage of Medme's digital patient intake for greater security, fewer errors and better record keeping.


Your patient is just a click away. Benefit from the Telehealth trend and offer remote medical exams or follow ups with CGM MEDEDI.

It's easy to share your screen or documents such as x-rays and lab results . POPI and HIPAA-compliant  to give your peace of mind. 


Always on, always perfectly accurate patient records. More than just a digital version of a patient's paper chart, EHR's digitally capture the why, what and how of clinical care. 

Create clinical notes, draw diagrams and even send blood work or samples yo your lab.


Not your average e-script, doctors can now create and sign prescriptions with South Africa's only qualified scripting platform.

Digitally sign prescriptions, fulfill through our pharmacy network and deliver directly to your patients. Thanks to iCanScript your patients get the and where they are.


Entrust patients to specialist care. Digital referrals directory of South African medical specialists. 

Connect with the BestMed network directory to minimise co-payments; or choose non-network practitioners by discipline and location.


Improve your cash flow by offering your patients many ways to pay - credit card, SnapScan, Maestro and more. CGM MEDEDI gives you all the tools to take control of your business and build a thriving medical practice.



We've joined forces with digital marketing agency, Avily, to guarantee that your medical practice can be found online. 

the perfect partner to establish your practice's digital footprint, Avily are experts in practice website design and HPCSA compliant healthcare marketing.


TRUST CGM to advise you on the right hardware to keep your practice admin tools running smoothly and securely. Level up your productivity with our top laptop picks for healthcare practitioners