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Great customer service equals customer success 

February 26, 2021

Ann Liebenberg, 


How would you describe your experience using MEDEDI?

I have been using MEDEDI since 2008.The system has always kept up with market changes over the years, ensuring that practices get their claims paid to them as soon as possible. 

If you could highlight a part of the system that is most helpful to your business, what would it be and why?

Customer support is a critically important part in the efficient management of my business. 

Nelia, the customer care consultant in my region, plays a valuable role in dealing with any problems that might arise and is prepared to walk that extra mile to ensure that I get the best service possible.

The level of service I have received over the years has played a big role in me continuing to use the software.

Why did you choose to use MEDEDI over other medical billing software solutions available in the market?

I chose MEDEDI because it's a customer friendly programme, and not overly complicated.

The system allows me to give my clients various reports, providing them with valuable insights as to what is happening in their business.

How does MEDEDI assist you in providing great service to your clients?

MEDEDI is a fast and efficient way to submit my clients claims.

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