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Successful video consultations in a global pandemic and beyond

June 15, 2020

Charles Persence, 


What is your general experience with video consultation?

I took to it like a fish to water. The training webinar that I attended was also very valuable, in that I discovered more about the platform in terms of functionality. The system is technically very user-friendly, and I have so far experienced no serious challenges.


Why did you choose CLICKDOC Video Consultation over other video conferencing tools? 

I decided on it because I could immediately see that technically it was safe and sound, plus the fact that it was specifically developed with the healthcare profession in mind. My clients also love the platform - they cope just fine and prefer this mode of interaction above a telephone call to stay in touch.


What has made CLICKDOC most valuable to you during the pandemic?

It allowed me to stay in contact with my "high-risk" clients and provide that face-to-face support that one wouldn't get from a telephone call. The "therapeutic alliance" is obviously a key aspect of our work, and I find the platform very much in support of that. The fact that you can see your client and also observe congruence (or lack thereof) between verbal and non-verbal language is immensely valuable - it's like being in the same room, with only a screen separating you and the client.


And if there is an emergency, if your client is in crisis? 

Without a shadow of a doubt, because in an emergency situation you want to be able to make direct clinical observations, as part of a "mental status examination", for instance. One major part of the work of the Psychologist is also to make inferences from the non-verbal cues of a patient and that one can only determine through direct, face-to-face observation. The goal is to assess for and prevent possible "self-harm" and if needed, put appropriate protective measures in place in an efficient manner.


Do you think it will be valuable to continue keeping video consultation as an additional consultation tool in level 3 lock-down and once the pandemic is over? 

Definitely. The fact that there is assurance of data protection, on the HOME SCREEN for that matter, makes this platform a long-term prospect for me, from a professional point of view. This type of tool is long overdue, in that it is specifically geared toward and developed for the healthcare professions, bearing in mind all the ethical principles our professions are guided by and need to adhere to.


Do you think a client would choose to engage you above another Psychologist because you offer video consultation?

I am convinced they would, because it is much more personal than a phone call or text message; the only thing separating practitioner and the client is just a screen, which allows for a practitioner to still ensure warmth and emotional contentedness and, more importantly, for the client to observe that.

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