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March 24, 2021
Dentist testimonial on Dental Practice Management software

Dr Rickes Putter


How would you describe your experience using XDENT?

FANTASTIC! At first it was a bit overwhelming, because it can do so much. But once you get to know the system, it all comes naturally. 

If you could highlight a part of the system that is most helpful to your business, what would it be and why?

When I started out, I decided to go paperless. XDENT makes it so easy. Everything is there at the push of a button. The fact that it is dual-platform, means I can use my Mac in the surgery while my team uses a Windows machine at the reception!! Amazing!!

Why did you choose to use XDENT over other dental practice software solutions available in the market?

I chose XDENT for multiple reason. Specifically, the functionality, including the dual platform, full charting and integrated switch functions.

How does XDENT assist you in providing great service to your patients?

It looks very professional when everything is available on one platform, what has been done in the past, what we are busy with now and what we plan for the future. The message service is also a big patient pleaser. 

How have you experienced the service and support of the product?

What I can say is that the service and support have been fantastic. The team have been, quick, friendly and reliable.

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