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Patient recall and notification system enhances practice management

June 30, 2021

Up your game with a healthcare experience for today’s digital age. XDENT gives your practice that special something that turns the ordinary into extraordinary.

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Contacting patients to get them back to your practice for regular dental check-ups; missed appointments or omitted treatments can be quite difficult, costing dental practices both time and money. Dental practices which don't have the time or tools view this as a missed opportunity to strengthen their relationships with their patients. Luckily, there is a simple solution to this problem - an automated patient recall and notification system.

What is a patient recall and notification system?

A patient recall and notification system is a concept put in place by a dental practice to support continuous patient care, retain patients and avoid no-shows.

This can include communication via email, SMS, and phone calls or even a patient app. Searching for patients who are due for a dental check-up or an overdue treatment can be an impossible task if you're doing it manually.

Let us look at how an automated patient recall and notification system can enhance your practice management.

Setting up your patient recall and notification system

1. Decide who to target

Before you implement your recall system, prioritize who to target first. You can do this by running reports in XDENT with specified criteria. 

How many patients are overdue for their regular check-up? How many patients have missed an appointment in the past? Who is due for a specific treatment? Or do you simply want to send a birthday message to your entire patient base?

2. Choose a communication tool

XDENT allows you to choose between different automated communication tools.

Choosing the right tool will be dependent on your patient base. If you have tech-savvy patients, then the patient app XINFO might be the right choice. Would your patient base respond to SMS or email? If so, this will be the right call. XDENT allows you to choose between different automated communication tools.

3. Implement your recall management.

Once you have decided who you'd like to target on your patient base and which communication tool you'd like to use, you can start implementing. Make time in your calendar to accommodate your recall appointments, create templates, and train your staff. Most importantly, make recall management a consistent part of your workflows.


The advantages of the patient recall and notification system for dentists 

Enhance patient engagement and dentist-patient relationship

Reaching out to patients and asking questions makes them feel heard and looked after. When your patients feel valued, they will, in turn, make you their first choice for their dental healthcare needs.

Increase patient retention, return rates and loyalty

You will be able to better serve your patients, whether prospective, new, or existing. A patient recall and notification system can include automated messages and can access patient profiles without resorting to reams of paper and complicated spreadsheets. Keeping your patients well-informed will better serve their needs and keep them returning to your practice.

Decrease missed appointments and no-shows

Research shows that 60% of patients don't pitch for appointments. Research also shows that automated notification reminders decrease patient no-shows by a whopping 50%! When patients miss appointments, your dental practice misses out on irreplaceable billable hours.

XDENT's appointment reminders reduce no-shows and eliminate the time-consuming staff effort of calling each patient to confirm appointments.

Save time and money.

We often hear that practices are reluctant to use a recall system because they believe it's costly.

XDENT has developed a free patient app that enables practices to send unlimited notifications to their patient base reducing communication costs.

Instead of spending hours every week mailing, and processing recalls, your front desk staff can use that time to better engage with patients.

Holistic Patient Relationship Management

From appointment reminders to birthday messages, XDENT ticks all the boxes of patient communication. All-round communication leads to better patient relationships, which in turn, leads to better dental care.

In conclusion, patient expectations are constantly changing. The modern patient has increased standards for patient care and communication. In an increasingly competitive market, where patient loyalty is no longer a guarantee, instant communication is key to helping you deepen patient relationships. 

With XDENT, you can rest assured that your practice is in good hands while you focus on what matters - exceptional patient care.

If you’re interested to learn more about our patient recall and notification system, feel free to contact us

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