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XDENT's Treatment Estimate Function

June 30, 2021

Up your game with a healthcare experience for today’s digital age. XDENT gives your practice that special something that turns the ordinary into extraordinary.

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Before stepping into the dental chair, today's tech-savvy and informed patients want to know what the costs of their treatment will be. For this reason, you should provide patients with an estimate for out-of-pocket expenses before treatment.

It's possible to provide average charges for expected services. However, it's impossible to issue a breakdown of exact costs before a procedure. Let patients know that your treatment estimate is just that—your best approximation of costs.

To help your patients better understand costs before they incur, XDENT provides an exact treatment estimate (also referred to as pre-determination or pre-authorization). Our estimate application gives patients an exact idea of how much a dental treatment will cost and how to split costs between them and their medical aid.

Why do you need a treatment estimate application? 

Patients want to be well-informed.

The most evident reason for providing estimates is that patients will ask for them. Consumerism in healthcare is increasing, and patients are more knowledgeable and informed about their healthcare costs. Patients want to know what they owe. They are typically willing to pay a fair amount for their medical expenses if they know ahead what it may cost.

Your practice will see an increase in revenue.

When patients understand their financial obligations, they're more likely to make good on their debts. While you can't anticipate every out-of-network  charge, you can give patients your best estimate to help them plan.  

Treatment estimates help increase patients' awareness of healthcare costs, and without cost transparency, it can be difficult for even the most conscientious patients to meet their financial obligations. Everything you can do to help them understand their financial obligations will improve your collection rates and patient satisfaction.

Examples of treatment estimates in XDENT

Features of our treatment estimate function

In One-click, you can:

  • Send a Quote / Estimate directly to the patient.
  • Quickly and seamlessly generate Treatment Estimates using our Integrated Quotation Management
  • Build a treatment plan from charting in XDENT
  • Estimate status tracking and follow up via bulk communication
  • Access business reports that are  linked to the estimate function
  • Check the status on quotes, and view reports as well as revenue estimates
  • Share quotes via email or use CRM to find patients (allows to search for patients that have a quote and have not accepted this)
  • Allow patients to pay bills via cash or switching
  • Report on revenue estimates and potential

Example of quotation report in excel.

Example of a quotation report - graph

How does the Case Acceptance feature work?

The estimate acceptance provides the following additional features and functions:

  • Integrated into the workflow - from the treatment plan, you can generate an estimate.
  • Estimate templates are customizable using document form templates
  • Email Estimates directly.
  • We track the status of the estimate, enabling reporting, follow-ups and projected revenue.
  • Estimates can also easily be adjusted if required without needing to recapture it again.
  • Reporting provides projected revenue based on estimates.

The benefits of using the treatment estimate application in your dental practice

Our technology doesn't require extra staffing

You can equip your staff with our tools to help with conversations surrounding patient responsibility. Our Treatment Estimating technology simplifies this process by quickly pulling data to calculate the patient's out-of-pocket expense. The estimate can be completed long before the patient steps through the door and eliminates changes to an account on the back end.

Other benefits include that the application:

  • It is an all-in-one application: the dental treatment plan is a part of a clinical and billing workflow
  • Provides highly accurate data, ensuring that your patients get the correct quote every time.
  • It save you time and money through automation and integration.

If you'd like to learn more about our treatment estimate function and how it can boost your practice's success, contact us today. We'll take you carefully through the process set-up, and gladly answer any questions you may have.

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