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CGM products on Cloud Hosted Solutions - now better than ever!

Do you need to access your CGM product from the comfort of your own home? Now with Cloud Hosted solutions, this will not be a problem. All you need is a stable internet connection! CGM's Cloud Hosted Solution will make your practice management software accessible whenever and wherever you want. In a Cloud environment, your data is safe and constantly monitored to mitigate cybersecurity attacks and loss of practice or patient data.  

Don't worry about backing up data or software updates, the Cloud will automatically back up and keep your system updated - saving you time and money of involving third-party IT support infrastructure.  

Best of all, if your practice expands, the setup can easily be adjusted to your growth - from one location to multiple ones.

Why should you move to CLOUD?

Data Security

Your data is safe and backups are stored securely rendered unreadable to unauthorised users.


Personal information of your patients are protected by the POPIA legislation.

Save Costs

Reduce hardware costs and remove the headache of involving third-party tech support.

How it works