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November 18, 2020

As we navigate our way into a new way of dealing with doctor-patient interactions, Telehealth has become a part of our new normal. Virtual therapy sessions have been welcomed by psychologist and patients alike, with benefits far beyond what we could have imagined.

With Telehealth now being an accepted and often preferred way psychologists and patients wish to interact for the foreseeable future you need to ask yourself, do I have the right system in place to offer effective virtual consults to my patients?

Five critical questions you need to ask:

  1. Does the solution have a calendar to schedule telehealth appointments?
  2. Can I take clinical notes during the video consultation and access them anytime afterwards?
  3. Can I share documents with patients during a telehealth session?
  4. Is it a web-based application that does not require installation and accessible from anywhere?
  5. Does the solution comply with security, POPI and privacy standards?​

MEDISTAR is an all-in-one solution that will tick all the boxes and provide everything you need. Let us explain why!

Schedule appointments

  • Balance your practice and telehealth schedules like a pro.
  • Schedule and confirm appointments from the MEDISTAR calendar.
  • Multiple authorised users can access and manage your calendar.

Electronic patient records & clinical notes

  • MEDISTAR can act as your patient medical memory that is always up-to-date.
  • Manage a single patient health record that is stored remotely and securely.
  • Access patient records anytime from across your group practice.
  • Take clinical notes before, during and after the consultation helping to diagnose and treat patients better.
  • Attach medical notes effortlessly, upload documents or images, write sick-notes and referrals.

More than just a video call

  • CLICKDOC forms the base for video consultations in MEDISTAR.
  • CLICKDOC is a globally trusted solution, which goes beyond the safety precautions offered by current popular video conferencing tools.
  • Connect with your patients on our mobile-friendly app.
  • Your patients will wait in the digital waiting room until you call them into the consultation.

More than 80 000 healthcare providers around the world use CLICKDOC!


  • MEDISTAR is a web-based solution.
  • Accessible anywhere, from a desktop, laptop, tablet.
  • No installation needed.
  • Use your web browser to connect with your patients.

Data security

  • When it comes to data privacy and compliance, MEDISTAR checks all the boxes for video consults.
  • It satisfies the most stringent data security requirements - meeting POPI, HIPAA, and international privacy standards.
  • MEDISTAR ensures the safety of your patient's data and medical notes within a trusted, encrypted digital platform.


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