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November 18, 2020

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How many times have you or your practice manager fielded calls regarding issues around prescriptions? The requests could be anything from a patient losing a paper script; to confirmations of medication prescribed from a pharmacist. If there was a way to alleviate the hassle of paper scripts, improve your practice workflow and enhance patient care all at once, would you like to know how?

The answer is electronic scripting - A quick, safe, secure process to ensure that your patients get the care and medication they need with just a few clicks.

What is e-scripting?

The healthcare practitioner will issue a medical prescription after being diagnosed. The digital version of this process is known as an e-script and works as follows:

  • A doctor creates a digital script instead of writing out a paper script and signs it with their own secure Advanced Electronic Signature (AES).
  • The patient can select an e-script enabled pharmacy to which the doctor can route the e-script electronically. All of this can happen before the patient leaves the practice.
  • When the patient visits the pharmacy, the pharmacists would have already prepared the prescription for collection.

The benefits of e-scripting

Using a secure e-scripting platform is beneficial to doctors and patients alike, a few of which include:

  • There is no cost in sending a real-time digital prescription to a pharmacy but with added benefits of reducing paper and printing cost in your practice by going digital.
  • Doctors have the assurance that patients are issued with the correct medication and will be notified of medication dispensed.
  • Access to detailed digital records and a history of past prescriptions will be allowed to be reviewed by a doctor to a patient’s profile.
  • Prescriptions cannot be altered or changed. Once signed with an AES, confidentiality and integrity of digital scripts are guaranteed.
  • The accuracy of digital prescriptions enhances patient care.
  • Convenient delivery options, patients can choose an e-script enabled pharmacy to collect from or opt for a courier delivery at no charge.
  • Reduced co-payments as the doctor will select the medication that is approved by the medical scheme.
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