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CompuGroup Medical revealed the future of medical practices at the 2022 GP Expo

April 13, 2022

CompuGroup Medical (CGM) wowed audiences at the GP Expo in Sandton in early April with two of their key products - CGM MEDEDI and PRACTICE PERFECT- that work together as a perfect pair offering an all-in-one, digital practice management system of the future.  


“It is always exciting to show existing and new customers how we continue to enhance our products and services and introduce new capabilities to improve health delivery systems.  Ultimately, I enjoy engaging with healthcare providers directly on matters which are most important to them. I am excited that CGM is well positioned to deliver exceptional products to meet the needs of the South African healthcare market. Our Perfect Pair Product suite (Practice Perfect Electronic Health Record and MEDEDI Practice Management System combination) was well received at the EXPO and its recent market share growth demonstrates the value that customers experience.”  

Christo Groenewald, Managing Director, CompuGroup Medical.  


Trusted by medical teams from 2 to 200, MEDEDI and PRACTICE PERFECT understand the exact needs of specialist practitioners, the stresses around practice management and the importance of connecting with patients.  


CGM has innovatively approached the challenges of practice management from a patient-centric angle, analysing each time the patient engages with the practitioner or specialist, to create a user-friendly combination of digital tools that relieve the pain of running a business for the general practitioner or specialist.  


These collaborative products work closely together to offer a digital, all-in-one, seamless practice workflow that attracts new patients, onboards them digitally, offers remote consults and e-scripting, assists with billing, makes payments easy and provides them with electronic patient health records - all of which saves time and hassle so they can focus on treating patients!    


All of these tools within this centralised practice toolkit have been designed together with doctors and practice management staff, to ensure they get the most out of their workday, ease practice woes - and make sure work doesn’t follow them home!  


What is more, these key areas of engagement look set to ease the woes of the wider healthcare industry - improving the communication between the medical practitioner, pharmacies, medical aid, specialist service providers offering blood analysis and radiology and the patient.  


One could even say that CGM aims to turn the model of patient care on its head - as it places the patient at the centre of this model and provides a virtual team of professionals who consult digitally between themselves to offer the best patient care possible.  


Visitors to the CGM stand took time to connect the dots and learn how to make extraordinary healthcare their reality with the innovative pairing of products that revealed the future of practice management for health professionals. The question is, what’s next in the pipeline for CGM?  Watch this space carefully!  

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