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Patient care is key to a successful practice

November 2, 2021

Dr E Du Toit


How would you describe your experience using XDENT?

Our experience has been really good, we found the system very convenient and user-friendly.  


If you could highlight a part of the system that is most helpful to your business, what would it be and why?

The quick and easy billing process is great – the practice team loves it. Another helpful feature to the ability to print the dairy / appointment schedule.


Why did you choose to use XDENT over other dental practice software solutions available in the market?

The patient app was a big drawcard for us, patients can easily download the app and book appointments.


How does XDENT assist you in providing great service to your patients? 

The support team offering prompt assistance with any query has helped us utilise the XDENT system well, which translates to good service to our patients.


How have you experienced the service and support of the product?

The service we have received from the team has been top notch! The team are always extremely helpful, and we would definitely recommend XDENT. 

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